[RESOLVED]Game infected with scripts

Before I start - I want to say I do not know whether this is the right area for this.
If it is not please redirect me to it.

My game is a training facility for my group: Nano Plex Administration Department.
We have lots of maps , a kinda active community and it’s working alright.

However my game is filled with popups.
That look like this

We remove every script which is not meant to be there and - bang - it comes back.

The developer I hired apparently put a backdoor in our game with a free model - and we have searched the entire thing.

If anyone has got any advice or anything like this I am begging for your help - as no matter what we do - the issue comes back.

We have tried switching to a new game and lots of other things.

If u want to talk in more detail:


You can disable 3rd party sales: Roblox Studio > Game Settings > Security > Allow 3rd Party Sales. Turn it off


One moment.
Let me check this out.

I’ll get back to you in a few minutes.

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While I would recommend everyone to disable this (unless you absolutely need 3rd party sales), it ultimately doesn’t solve the problem that the game has malicious scripts and potentially backdoors that enable exploiters to ruin any server.

There are several articles/topics on the DevForum that go over removing virus scripts and backdoors, here is just one of them. I would recommend you to search up some resources as well to ensure that your game is safe for players.

Good luck!

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This fixed it!
Thank you!
You have just fixed weeks of hell

If you want to locate the script do. Ctrl + Shift + F. Then type key words like
PromptProductPurchase. Then it will show every script using that.

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That didn’t work for me - however I did search for MarketPlaceService and GamePassService and got some interesting results

Ok if you don’t remember adding those scripts, remove them.

Thanks , I’ll look over that tomorrow morning as it’s getting pretty late for me.

Trust me , I am already on that

Glad to see that your issue has been resolved. However, that is only a bandaid solution. If it’s caused by a required ModuleScript, all the owner has to do is change out the code for something else that has the potential to inflict more trouble. This doesn’t require any input from you, anything they do would go live.

I would recommend working to remove the source of the problem now that you have the immediate issue fixed. I’ve written a guide on how one should tackle a situation like this here:

I’m not saying that you have to do this immediately, but it should be something on your radar to do before more issues arise. If you have any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

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Yeah I use module scripts with my games admin module.

Those things can break your game in a heartbeat.

When I wake up tomorrow I’ll be sure to take a look through that and finishing securing my game.

Thank you for the help.

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