(RESOLVED)Issues with maintaining content size of a scrolling frame

Hey guys, It’s my first time posting here, but I need help with keeping button labels or frames inside a scrolling frame in my game consistent with their scale. I tried using the AutoScale Lite plugin and learned that to maintain uniform UI across all devices, I should use scale instead of offsets. However, with this scrolling frame, it doesn’t seem to work. The text buttons inside of it don’t retain their position, and I’ve made multiple attempts to adjust the scale and position values, even while using the plugin, but it still doesn’t work.

in roblox studio (goal) :

ingame :

Now, I’m not the best UI artist out there, as you can see, I’m new to this. But if anyone knows what’s causing the issue, I would greatly appreciate your help.

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved. The plugin was not working properly, and I had to reset the values within the scale properties, and now the offset values are finally gone

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