Resolving “No Network” Errors on iOS

Hi everyone,

We’ve received reports that a small portion of Roblox users are seeing a “No Network” error when launching the iOS app, despite having a working internet connection.

We believe this is a side effect of a recent update in the Roblox iOS app. Our engineers have rolled back the change, and the latest version of the Roblox app (version 2.619.0.520) should be fully functional.

Although the issue should automatically fix itself on most platforms, we have heard some iOS users are stuck on an old version of the app.

If you continue to see this issue, please open your device’s app store, search for Roblox, and tap Update.

See How to manually update apps on your Apple device for detailed instructions.

If you are still unable to access Roblox after following the steps above, check out iOS App: Technical Issues for additional troubleshooting steps.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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It took a bit long but I am glad things are back to normal.


I remember like a few days ago people everywhere were literally protesting in comment sections about the no network errors, thanks to the roblox engineers that fixed this :slight_smile:


Any fix coming for android? I don’t use the mobile app much but it errors randomly when you open it forcing you to restart the app (oddly it only happens once, when you restart it doesnt happen again for a bit)

Been happening for months


Worth to add that enabling “Local Network” permission for the Roblox App in Settings used to resolve this issue as well.


thank you :slight_smile: i also got this error and I thought it was my cellular data :angry: :anger: but it’s fixed!! :happy3:


This notification is honestly pointless and all it does is cause problems when it isn’t working correctly. Just remove it.


I’m glad y’all fixed the issue. It took a while.


This is what happened for me on iOS:

  1. I lost all my mobile data because Roblox was using it even when my wifi was turned on
  2. I found a new setting in iphone Settings > Roblox > Local Network
  3. This setting by default was turned OFF
  4. I’ve turned it ON and Roblox started working on wifi


Oh neat stuff, can we expect more network fixes tho?

There’s still an issue ongoing on PC where you sometimes just randomly disconnect from a game without notice or rejoin option.


This was a relief knowing my phone isn’t broken.

For context, this happened to me whilst playing Roblox in school. All schools in my county have the same 2 networks. 1 for school issued devices, and one for non-school issued devices.

Both of these networks have a lot of applications blocked, but I found a way around it. First, get the password for the school issued devices network, and connect to it using a non school issued device (my phone). Then change the DNS.

If your wondering why I had to find the password for the school issued devices network, it’s because the school issued devices automatically connect to it, so there’s no way of finding it other than typing every single combination, or get it from someone who has it. (Shoutout to Henry).


This happens in Android too, just so the dev team knows it’s not just iOs. :wink:


Roblox team, same on mobile yesterday or my wifi just trash lol… Hahahaah


Thank you Roblox for listening, we do appreciate you listening to player feedback and fixing issues :slight_smile:


We RFG - Paradise County do received this kind of report and we notices that problem solved


The first thing I did. But I still wonder, why what did Roblox change that this happened for like 1 day.


This has been happening on iOS too


Too. My younger getting a iOS network error!