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WIP thread

TODO: Look tracking model


R15 / Rthro ragdolls that work with any bundle or even custom characters (e.g. spider with 8 legs). Seamlessly preserves tools / accessories / welded armor / etc, has realistic joint constraints, and no overconstraint spazzing. Minimal footprint (no special conditions your game must meet).

Jump Customization

Add double, triple, etc jumping to your game, add a cooldown between jumps, or remove jumping entirely. No custom physics – uses Humanoid states to retrigger vanilla jumping, so it is fully compatible with any game that Humanoids work with.

Task Scheduler

Avoid locking up the client or server with extended heavy operations like procedural generation, baking, etc. Yield the minimum amount of time necessary to avoid freezing or target a specific FPS without adding arbitrary wait()s that take much longer.

Advanced logging

See server logs from before you joined the server and logs from other clients so you don’t need to ask other users for them. Automatically aggregate errors to see how often they are happening.

This is a living list. Expect more items to be added.


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