Respawn Improvements

This, and stacked players “welding” to each other are the 2 big issues with spawning


I think the welding/spawn stacking bug has been fixed for nearly two years. I fixed an issue with how network ownership is assigned for characters and I haven’t seen the issue or any reports of it since then.

The fix was a bit speculative but it definitely seemed like a likely cause for spawn stacking issue where players could not move their characters at the time. The issue was that whenever a new part was created the network ownership was assigned to the closest character but the closeness was being calculated in the X and Z planes only. This would normally result in the network ownership for a character being assigned correctly or it would be re-assigned from another player after being assigned to them but occasionally if that players client was not responding you could be stuck above the spawn unable to move.

Now after the fix your client will always be assigned network ownership for your own character.


Great update! Fixed some things that I have been trying to fix for a long time. Thank you!

I was worried as when I spawned a spawn point is seemed to be too big, I was like, WHAT THE HECK but then I see this.

Anyways, wonderful and amazing update,

Thank you Roblox! :heartbeat:

Wonderful conditions for the developer should.

Huuuh. That’s super interesting.
I always assumed that since the characters were “frozen” similar to the way odd welds would look, it had something to do with that.

This will surely help! I remember putting multiple spawn locations just to make it so people would spawn in a different area. I’m also curious how the RespawnTime will make other games improve.

I like the improvements!

However, can this issue be addressed? Player:LoadCharacter(targetCFrame, withholdCharacter)

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This has been an issue since 2015, why was it not addressed?

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You’d have to ask the roblox engineers that question.

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This issue should be addressed by the upcoming Avatar Loading Event Ordering Improvements


Still better than them glitching into each other before bursting into all directions.

Just a side-note. Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere before but in the past if you placed your spawn under the terrain then you would spawn on-top of the terrain.

Now after updates you will actually spawn under the terrain where the spawn is. You’ll basically be stuck in most circumstances - and this isn’t desirable.

You might need to update games where you’ve done this for some reason.

what if I just… :thinking:


RespawnTime is a great improvement. Thank ya! :slight_smile:

It probably just clamps the value to 0, but I could be wrong.

Finally I don’t have to make multiple spawns to ensure that they wouldn’t spawn ontop of something else, thanks!

Somewhat related but not entirely, I would like the ability to customize the default spawn Force Field via properties such as Color, Shape, and Size. I also agree that creating spawn rooms is tricky and forces work around designing to support the limitations of said process. Overall…Cool…Thanks


Good idea - thanks for the feedback


As a follow on from these changes we released a couple more respawn improvements. Details can be found here: Further Respawn Improvements


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