Respawn Improvements

This issue should be addressed by the upcoming Avatar Loading Event Ordering Improvements


Still better than them glitching into each other before bursting into all directions.

Just a side-note. Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere before but in the past if you placed your spawn under the terrain then you would spawn on-top of the terrain.

Now after updates you will actually spawn under the terrain where the spawn is. You’ll basically be stuck in most circumstances - and this isn’t desirable.

You might need to update games where you’ve done this for some reason.

what if I just… :thinking:


RespawnTime is a great improvement. Thank ya! :slight_smile:

It probably just clamps the value to 0, but I could be wrong.

Finally I don’t have to make multiple spawns to ensure that they wouldn’t spawn ontop of something else, thanks!

Somewhat related but not entirely, I would like the ability to customize the default spawn Force Field via properties such as Color, Shape, and Size. I also agree that creating spawn rooms is tricky and forces work around designing to support the limitations of said process. Overall…Cool…Thanks


Good idea - thanks for the feedback


As a follow on from these changes we released a couple more respawn improvements. Details can be found here: Further Respawn Improvements


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