Restaurant (Please Leave Feedback)

I have made a restaurant (kinda), all that’s really made is the outside seating area but that’s all I wanted to do considering both would work for inside too. (Disclaimer : Trees were not made by me, I can’t model)

This will be added to my portfolio. If you would like to see what else I have done here’s the link - Portfolio | DancingCow505 | Builder / Animator (Update!)
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TBH this is good but I think the floor materials should be marble or grass something like these materials and you should make it little bit brighter if you don’t mind!


How did you make the seat then? thats a bit confusing

Area looks decent, if the atmosphere was better, It would probably make this pop out more.

I like the tables and chairs since they’re very detailed, but I’m not a fan of the plant beds.

I personally think a more “blocky” style for the trees (vaguely similar to the Lumber Tycoon 2 trees) would go better with the rest of the build than the polygon style you have right now, but even if you decide not to change it, you should still work on consistency. The other aspect that stands out to me about the trees is that they are completely untextured despite the fact that the rest of the build (including the small shrubs on the ground) has textures, which breaks the immersion of the build quite a lot. If you’re able to consider these changes, the restaurant will look a lot more visually pleasing.

I’m aware you didn’t make the trees, but this should at least be food for thought if you’re looking to create a congruent build. Depending on your goal for it, maybe you can look for a different model that fits with the style better.

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I made the chairs in studio with Archimedes circle tool for the curves and just some negating of parts for a cleaner look

I think it looks nice but needs more lights. I think that table should be bigger. I think that some lights should go around the plants to make them pop during the night. The benches should be curved just a little. Around the tables their should be more chairs or benches having one of each just doesn’t look right. Also some detail would make it look better, Maybe a grill or an outside kitchen and so on. But I do like the tile on the floor and the furniture itself.