Restaurant Tycoon 2 - 50 New Features

Restaurant Tycoon 2 - 50 New Features

A few of these are still in development!

Here are 50 new features in Restaurant Tycoon 2 that will make it much better than the original game. All the original features like chefs, waiters, furniture stores and plot expansions will also be added, but keep an eye out for these exciting brand new features:

  1. More Countries/Regions :world_map:
    Travel the world through forks and knives! From Europe to South America, North America to Oceania, and Asia to Africa, there’s so much to serve!

  2. Animated Cooking :pancakes:
    Gone are the days of the generic “I cook by waving my hands over the table” animation; now, watch as your character and chefs chop, cook, and more!

  3. Dish recipes :pizza:
    Every dish is different. Put the pizza in the oven and cut that carrot using exciting new combos on your keyboard or mobile screen!

  4. Rank System :medal_sports:
    Level up for new titles and awesome new rewards by serving and cooking for customers!

  5. Themed Furniture Packs :candle:
    Updates to the game will include furniture packs to give one of restaurants a new theme!

  6. Custom walls and roofs :paintbrush:
    Set on the new building mode and create a truly custom restaurant. Shape it to your taste for an even more unique experience!

  7. Construction Store :construction_worker_man:
    Buy walls and ceilings to dig deep into your restaurant’s design! From the modern to the nostalgic, you can find a lot here.

  8. Second Floors :arrow_double_up:
    Where can you go when you run out of space sideways? Go higher! Now, you can build a second floor!

  9. Happy Hours (Speed Minigame) :clock1:
    During happy hour, you’ll need to want as much done as possible. Why? Well, let’s just say your wallet might benefit from it.

  10. Interactive Chef Training :man_cook:
    When you hire a chef, they will need to be taught how to cook like the master (you)! Simply cook and show them how it’s done—they’ll follow you around until they’re ready.

  11. Day/Night Cycle :sun_with_face:
    The sun is rising (and falling). Experience a full day in the restaurant!

  12. Daily scorecards :1st_place_medal:
    At the end of an in-game day, see how well you did!

  13. Food Boxes :beverage_box:
    Food boxes unlock one random dish for your restaurant from one of the countries you have unlocked!

  14. Primary and Secondary Colors :paintbrush:
    Long gone are the days of wishing you recolor just one more section of a piece of furniture. Now, you can choose two colors!

  15. Washing up dishes :plate_with_cutlery: (COMING SOON)
    Where did those dishes I took go? The trash? Well, it all makes sense now—they need to be washed! Get to the sink to start!

  16. Free camera building system :movie_camera:
    Fly through your restaurant in a new and painless way to build (literally). Your character is not a limit anymore!

  17. New building UI :building_construction:
    Instead of clicking a button over and over again, access the furniture you want in one click! See what you have, too, for you can now see everything in convenient categories!

  18. Multiplayer mode :people_holding_hands:
    Team up with others to build your dream restaurants together! Work together to serve customers; cook; build; manage the menu; and buy furniture, walls, decoration, and more!

  19. Carry multiple plates :plate_with_cutlery:
    To make serving so many more customers easier, you can now use trays to carry more than one dish at a time!

  20. Advertising billboards :tv:
    That said, where are the customers? Start advertising and watch your restaurant’s popularity explode!

  21. Farms :man_farmer: (COMING SOON)
    With farms, you can grow your very own food. These high-quality ingredients can be used for custom dishes.

  22. Better Drive Thrus :oncoming_automobile: :
    You can buy a drive thru, and hire a drive thru operator

  23. Move tool :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:
    You don’t have to keep storing stuff just to shift its place anymore; you can now click the new “Move” button for a much more intuitive and fun time.

  24. Card payments :credit_card:
    To make life easier for the busy restaurant owner(s), some customers will pay with cards, automatically putting money into your wallet.

  25. Deleting save files :x:
    You asked, and we listened! Start anew. Now, you can delete save slots!

  26. Tabletop items :sunflower:
    Have you ever wanted to put something on top of that table? Now, you can! Buy various candles, lights, and more to place on your tables!

  27. Wall item placement :houses:
    Sometimes, you need something outside, too. No problem! You can now place wall items on the outside of your restaurant as well.

  28. Original art (by Sarcastrus) :art:
    Thanks to Sarcastrus, the game now features beautiful new artwork and icons!

  29. Kitchen fires :fire:
    “Bobby! Did you make a mistake while making that pie again?!” Yes, he did, and now it’s time to extinguish it. Oh, Bobby. What are we going to do with you?

  30. Custom dishes :bento: (COMING SOON)
    Use various ingredients to create your very own personalized dish! Feature it in your restaurant and watch others eat your food!

  31. Tip jars :money_with_wings:
    Tip jars will gradually fill with money from customers. Who would want less money, right?

  32. Codes :bird:
    Earn rewards by searching our social media for codes! Cash, diamonds, experience, and tickets? Why not?

  33. Extra save files :floppy_disk:
    Create even more restaurants with even more save slots!

  34. Worker appearance customization :bearded_person:
    Customize your employees and personalize their outfits!

  35. Increased color range :art:
    With more colors to choose from, your restaurant can be dark, vibrant, varied, and so much more. Try new combinations for yours!

  36. Mobile-friendly building system :iphone:
    Now, you can play create a restaurant anywhere with ease. With the swipe of a finger, your dream restaurant can be a reality!

  37. Mega tables (a game pass) :chair:
    Huge parties of customers (along with lots of cash) will come to your restaurant when big tables invite!

  38. Auto Collect Money (a game pass) :fast_forward:
    Collect the checks on your tables without having to click all the time.

  39. New music selection menu :musical_note:
    Create an atmosphere in your restaurant that suits your taste. From an epic orchestra to some relaxing jazz, there’s something for everyone.

  40. Double chairs :chair:
    Seats for two are coming to you! Have customers sit together in your restaurant!

  41. Leaderboards :medal_sports: (COMING SOON)
    Can you make it to the top? See who the best players are in Restaurant Tycoon on the leaderboards.

  42. New map :palm_tree:
    The new and improved map features new shops and locations. Check out the new beach, island, and buildings!

  43. Better floor customization :house_with_garden:
    Design a beautiful floor tile-by-tile with wood, concrete, marble, and whatever else fits your restaurant’s needs!

  44. Vehicles :oncoming_automobile:
    Need to get around but in a hurry? No problem! Buy a vehicle and zip through the map!

  45. R15 Customers and Workers :man_cartwheeling:
    The new R15 character models for the customers and workers will bring your restaurant to life.

  46. Worker Motivation Levels :happy3:
    Make sure your workers aren’t working too hard, otherwise they will get unmotivated, which stops them from leveling up!

  47. More Restaurant Signs :label:
    A large variety of restaurant signs to show off your restaurant’s name in style.

  48. Better menu controls :open_book:
    Would you like to only serve food from your favourite country? Better menu controls will allow you to select which foods are available in your restaurant.

  49. New Furniture + Furniture meshes :couch_and_lamp:
    Your restaurant will look much fancier with all the brand new furniture we are adding - most of which are very nice mesh items.

  50. Realistic Eating Animations :fork_and_knife:
    Improved eating animations include knives and forks - so customers no longer hover their hands over the food to eat it!

Restaurant Tycoon 2 can be played here:


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