Restore Old Top Navigation Bar

I have created a user script that allows you to bring the old devforum top bar back, with the title included.

Huge Credits to @AdvancedOpenGL, they were the one who created the stylus theme that allowed you to disable the new one, I made some adjustments to it to make it look better and combined it with a title so it looks exactly like the old one.

Download it here:


Nice job!

Can you make it a css script so I can use it on the stylus extension? I don’t want to install an extension like Tampermonkey solely to get rid of the nav bar.

I made it solely on TamperMonkey so the title will be consistent with the old design (disappearing when you scroll down, and reappearing when you scroll up), so TamperMonkey was the go-to for me. But I’ll see what I can do on Stylus, If I can, I’ll most likely publish it on there too.

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Updated the script with some animations and bug fixes, it now supports all themes.

The reason the version I made was so janky was because you physically cant so I had to make one theme that looks good most of the time

I am really happy someone made a userscript that fully restores the old behaviour

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Yeah, I’ve looked into it and it’s only usercss, meaning I don’t have any way of executing code. So, unfortunately, I can’t do anything about Stylus. Thank you so much for the CSS code though, it saved me a ton of time!

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