Restoring corrupted drafts files | Draft corruption on system shutdown

Corruption issue

I was editing a script when the power went out and the draft I was editing is now damaged / corrupted, and I lost more than 2 weeks of code.

The file was almost certainly damaged due to the power failure during editing.
The error displayed at the reopening of the place on roblox studio is the following:

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open a script or (in my case) a local script with Team Create and Collaborative Editiong Enabled.
  2. Unplug the system while you are writing to the script. (or make the system crash)
  3. Turn on the PC and reopen the place.

If your file has been damaged you will see the above error.

It happened in roblox studio using a local script with Team Create and Collaborative Editing enabled.

Is it possible to restore the file and recover the script?

My drafts: (103.2 KB)
The corrupted one is: {C83522F5-4698-48E7-87BB-77F933F44833}

Sorry for my English.


Sorry that you faced this catastrophic event.
Unfortunately files in the archive are completely unrecoverable


I’ve spent the last 8 hours redoing all the lost code, however, could the system make sure that before editing a draft it save a copy? I try to explain better:

Sorry for the English.

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It’s more than making a few lines of code to add a feature like this (to your last comment). Check your autosaves.

This would kill Roblox’s servers. You would be copying the script every single type you typed a character, then you would delete the copy after. For the 1 in 100000 chance, your computer corrupts before you commit changes it’s certainly not worth the cost of the system.

I mean, save a copy locally (not on roblox servers)
Not necessarily every single character, it could also do every x character, or some other timed system. the point was to make a local backup of the drafts. not just the place without the committed scripts.

if you lose a place you have a good chance of recovering a lot of data from autosaves or published copies, but this is not the case for drafts, if you lose a draft I don’t think there’s a way to get it back.

That would fill up storage near instantly. Maybe if you only saved it locally every say, 1000 characters or every hour it might work, but other than that.

Yea, if you force reset your system or corrupt the draft if it’s uncommitted then you lose it all. I think the reason is it’s only on your local device until you commit changes, so if you reset your device, all local items get destroyed.

It is not necessary to keep all copies, one would be enough (delete old copies or overwrite).
In any case, a timed system would be better (such as the autosave of the plcaes).

Certainly. I could see a timed system every hour or two that would locally save all of your drafts to your PC. The only problem being the fact that you have a 1 out of a millionth chance of this happening. Still, might not hurt to have something like this implemented.

this is true, but it would still be a useful thing, and it would cost roblox nothing in terms of space on their servers as they are local saves.

Isn’t that why roblox studio have autosaves, so you could load things before the crash?

Yes, but the non-committed scripts are not saved in the autosaves, they are present only on the PC of the person who is writing them and no backup of those is made (i think)