Restoring Robux Balances For Conversion Revenue


Christmas has indeed come early :smile: Thanks for the clarification Carlos & Sean!


I don’t know if this is related to the feature being shut down or not, but the Group Admin page is completely broken for me.


Sounds like Roblox is going to lose a lot of money to devex due to this accident.


Wow Roblox just ate it, AND allowing DevEx. Respectable. Great business practice. Stuff like this, though not good frequently, builds trust.


Wow… I didn’t expect this at all. Super rad, thanks Roblox! :sparkling_heart:


Yeah pretty much my thoughts too. It’s good to notice that they were willing to make a decision that is beneficial for us but not for them.

Usually Roblox works in an ecosystem where the work of the developers positively impacts both Roblox and the developers alike. It’s a positive feedback loop. But not in this case, and it’s good news that it swings in favor of developers.


In a world where big companies have been sacrificing reputation to make money, I am really moved to see a company doing the opposite. You handled an issue at your own expense instead of shrugging it off by compensating us with $5 of Robux. That’s a lot of money to be giving out just to avoid hurting reputation. It doesn’t affect me personally, but thank you for having your focus in the right place.


I wonder how much money Roblox is losing due to this.


Based on why I’ve seen so far it looks to be in the range of $10,000-30,000. Possibly more, possibly less.


Very generous! Highly appriciated :smiley:


Wow! I’m amazed, thank you so much Roblox. Although I didn’t receive very much myself, it’s incredible that you care so much about the developer community that you’re willing to lose presumably a huge amount of money just to keep our trust. :slight_smile:


Can you please provide more details around this? Maybe a screenshot of what broken means in this case.

I will look into it after that.



I’d hate to bring this up, but when I tried to DevEx, it didn’t take the game page conversion revenue into account.


The Robux was deposited back into your account a couple days ago, which is eligible for DevEx. They dont “add” money ontop of your devex amount. Or are you saying you got denied because of the game page conversion revenue?


Mine was approved this morning and took account of the Robux that was from the conversion revenue (when I DevEx’d it accounted for more than half of my original balance).


I had 600k or so originally (some of which I knew was uncashoutable), and the game conversion revenue gave me 730k, and when I tried to cash out, it was denied. When I asked how much was available, they only said it was around 430k. I can try again, but I don’t know what would be the outcome.