Restoring Robux Balances For Conversion Revenue


Hey Developers,

This is a follow up for the post on Unintentional Robux Payouts Incident Report: Unintentional Robux Payouts Incident Report

After further review we have decided to restore the Robux in your accounts that were inappropriately/accidentally credited through the “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue” and “Game Page Conversion Revenue” issue. We realize the reclaim process was not a good experience for the community and since the original issue was due to a Roblox error we felt it was best just to roll things back prior to the reclaim process and allow you to keep those extra Robux.

You should see the funds that were removed from your accounts restored in the coming days. The restored Robux will be eligible for DevEx and spending within the Roblox community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as Roblox addresses this error. Moving forward, the feature which caused this issue has been disabled and steps are being taken to ensure that this type of incident does not occur again. Enjoy the extra Robux and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Happy Holidays,

Unintentional Robux Payouts Incident Report
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Thank you for the fix and relook at the situation.


as soon as I saw “this robux will be eligible for DevEx” I felt like it was Christmas morning


This is the way that mess ups should always be handled!


sad that I didn’t get any through the glitch lol


…I get to keep all the Robux I got?


Wait so we are no longer getting 5 percent of what users spend who signed up after getting to roblox from our game page anymore


Christmas bonus, yay!


I’d assume yeah based on what the post says


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.


Kind of joking but kind of also serious. Roblox should use this as a natural experiment to see what people do with free money. It’s like a stimulus was just put onto most of the developer community, will we keep it just for devex, buy hats, or purchase ads for our games?



Haha no way

Thanks guys!





WOW! That’s incredible.


This is good but once again I have 0 way of knowing if its actually restored because there is no conversion revenue stat in the group revenue page.


I’m insanely jealous of those of you that got free money.


Same :upside_down_face:


Thank you Roblox!

On a side note, I received the PM 3 times, all with different amounts of robux. One of the 3 messages reflects my balance accurately, so I’m guessing the other two were mistakenly sent to me.


Possibility that the others are for groups? My PM was worded exactly the same but was for my group.


Happy Holidays! :tada:

These are messages from multiple sources (2 Groups that you own and your Roblox account)