Restrict access to phishing games

Currently, when a phishing game is dealt with, it takes mere minutes for the place creator (circumventing getting banned, appearantly) to put up their game again.

It’d help a lot if games are locked for playing when they are taken down as a phishing game, much like the current procedure with games that fails to filter user chat/input.

Why is this a good idea?

  • When a game is locked for visitors, the phishers cannot easily bring it back up.
  • The same game cannot be used for phishing anymore, losing its work with fake ratings.

Another issue is that the groups that the phishers uses to host these games to avoid moderation still lets them create places under that group. If a game owned by the group has been detected as a phishing game, it should also make sure that no further games can be created under that group.

In case of someone getting compromised and their legitimate game/group is used for this awful purpose, there is still the option to lift the lock on the game/group.