Restrict preview access to group-controlled assets

As a developer for a game which consistently uses group-controlled assets, like animations and models, it’s impossible to rest knowing that someone can’t exploit to retrieve our animation IDs, steal them and upload them. It would be incredibly useful if, for group controlled assets, which at first require permission using a group rank to edit either way, require said access for the asset to be even previewed, or for the user to access the said asset.

If said issue is addressed, it would take a huge burden off of the shoulders of animators and asset makers alike. Yes, exploits, at the end of the day, can not be prevented completely, but it would be good for the effort to be made to try and prevent asset stealers. It’s a huge issue the game I work for faces and it’s also a large issue that many developers face.

Hope I can get some kind of feedback on this. If anything is unclear, do let me know!


You can hide your inventory in your settings, this should prevent anyone from grabbing your assets. Developers in your group are the only other people to access your assets, which if you don’t trust them anyways, don’t give them that power.

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Not really a viable argument.

I’m talking about preview access.
For things like animations, you can use a simple function such as Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks to nab an ID so long as your humanoid is being animated.

For instance:

local humanoid = workspace["PLAYERNAMEHERE"].Humanoid
local AnimationTracks = humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()

for i, track in pairs (AnimationTracks) do
    local animationobject = track.Animation
    local animationid = animationobject.AnimationId

If I was an exploiter, I could use this on myself or any other players to steal an animation ID, then go get the link, then download the animation, and upload it myself to my game.
Not being in a group and/or not having access to group assets does not prevent the above method.

And, the issue lies with games that require these groups for collaboration.
Our (referring to me and the rest of the developers for a game I work on) game has assets that run through one main group - many animations have been stolen. I even shown this to my friend who is also a developer in a Team Test. I grabbed all of his animation IDs, originally hidden, in about 5 minutes.
I know we can’t prevent intended ROBLOX functions that some developers use, but we can privatize preview access to assets we weren’t meant to originally have.

Please keep that in mind!