Restricted Paid Access & Selling Game Whitelist

First, this may be the wrong category but this seems to be the better one for this type of questions.

I am making a game and I have a little staff with a few administrators. My game will probably have a paid access (either for early access or permanent paid access). I am wondering if there is a way to “whitelist” a player for a free version: so the player whitelisted has “free access” to the game (Administrators) and players not whitelisted have the paid access. The game I am talking about is a player’s game, not a group game.
Thank you!

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do you have a group if so you can have a role for free access and the rest needs a game pass


Well the game is my game, meaning that this is not owned by a group but by me (player).
But yes I have a group. You mean creating a game pass to have access to the game ?

I think giving a player the Play permission in Team Create will allow them free access.

use this
i think it works. try it or you never know

I think you can add them to the team create but change their permissions to play.

Alright, I will try that. Thank you guys.

It won’t, I have tried that before

Well I just tried now and it doesn’t seem to work like you said.

As far as I am concerned, it is currently impossible to allow specific players to play the game for free. You will just have to provide those people with the Robux to buy the game.

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its possible if you have a group then do this

--server script
-- changeable values
local groupId = nil-- enter your group id here

local groupRole = ''-- enter your group role for players that can play for free

local gamePassId = nil-- enter your game pass id for player that needs to pay

local ownerUserId = nil -- enter your UserId
-- other values
local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
-- if player gets the game pass promt handle it
	-- checks if the player bought the right game pass
	if wasPurchased and gamePassId_ == gamePassId then
		return -- player can play because he bought the right game pass
		player:Kick('you did not buy the game pass')
-- this checks if the player has the group role for players that can play for free
	-- gets the role of the new player and compares it
	local role = player:GetRoleInGroup(groupId)
	if role == groupId or player.UserId == ownerUserId  then
		return -- player can play for free
		-- player needs game pass
		-- gets if the player has the game pass
		local success , hassPass = pcall(function()
			return MarketplaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId,gamePassId)
		if success then
			if hassPass then
				return -- player can play because he hass the game pass
				-- asks the player
			else-- kicks the player because of an error
			player:Kick('we had an error please rejoin')

warn(‘i did not test it but i assume it works’)

That is bad though because it’s a good way to get a lot of dislikes on your game.

it works even if its not a group game

That’s not what I’m saying; re-read my previous post.

if you want paid access then do it

Is your method about a gamepass access to the game (I think) (Like, the game is free, but the access requires a gamepass) ? If it is, it can be a good way but people would, like @PrismaticShadows, think about a “scam” or a game that is either locked or closed access, so a good part of players wouldn’t join, even if this is written in the kick message that the user needs to buy a gamepass.

this is the only way i know to have some players free and the other pay
but if you want paid access then do it

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Another clean way to do it without getting many dislikes: Using team create feature

  1. Enable team create as shown as here:

  2. Click Game Settings (In HOME tab), Then navigate to permissions.
    Scroll down, and add ‘Collaborators’. and change user’s permission to Edit, you can enable access for that user without robux. (NOTE: This method also enables access to studio, whitch means you can’t give Edit access to random strangers like giveaways. Play permission does NOT work.)