Restriction of Website Bugs

I feel like restricting #bug-reports:website-bugs to purely Regular+ is a poor idea. I understand multiple different categories being restricted to Regular+, but #bug-reports:website-bugs is not one I’d imagine. Categories like #development-discussion should be Regular+ because of how misused it is, but other people have genuine problems because they wish to post bugs from the roblox website despite not having access to the category.

For instance, I was going to post about this strange feature in which uploading a 16x16 image would give you an error and send you back to the develop section, which redirects you to the error page.


Agreed, I was going to post a bug, which no-one has really mentioned; however I can’t post in that part of the forum due to the restriction. It doesn’t make sense why to restrict it to others, there would be no harm in letting members there.

I concur, this is ridiculous. This should be heavily moderated but fixed, although if you troll within #bug-reports then you’d be banned from posting there. I think that is a good way of moderating it.

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post approval is gone btw thats why you cant post there

Do you know what are the requirements for Regular+?

Find all the information here; How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum - #2 by Roblox


NOTE: This section is currently out-of-date

Promotions from Member to Regular are on hold until the criteria are updated, since Post Approval has been removed in September 2020.

As a Member, you now get to view and post in almost all forum categories. Note that some posts and topics you make will need to pass through approval before they show up to others.

To level up to Regular , you need to make sure you (1) use to the forum appropriately according to our community rules and guidelines, (2) have made a few posts on the forum, (3) visited the forum for several weeks and (4) you need to pass through post approval several times successfully. You will be automatically promoted to Regular once you meet the criteria and have a clean moderation history.


As a Regular, you can now create posts and replies in all categories, as you have shown that you know how to make these topics according to forum rules and guidelines.

Please look for similar posts before posting

Please don’t make new posts about this, there’s already a dozen floating around. Use one of the existing topics about “allow rankup to regular” and “allow people to make bug reports”.