Resuming a paused play solo freezes the game

Expected behavior: If I pause play solo and click the play solo button again, everything should continue from where it was when I paused it.

Actual behavior: Once I click the play solo button studio becomes unresponsive and has to be killed with the task manager

Repro steps: Go into play solo, pause it, and click the play solo button again

I’ve done this before, so I know it used to work, but it doesn’t work right now.

What OS are you using?

It’s not happening anymore (but Windows 7 64 bit if that makes a difference). Perhaps it was something code related – I ended up redoing the code for the place that I was previously having issues with, and testing it now it doesn’t seem to have the issue anymore.

Pausing and resuming a place doesn’t pause scripts (at least from my testing), so I doubt it was anything to do with scripts.