Resuming after a studio rendering pause causes input delay and physics issues

Currently pressing resume in studio causes physics and latency issues.

You can see in this clip after resuming my character does not descend the ramp and instead floats in the air before moving down again. Occassionally but not consistently movement inputs may also stop functioning and you will be forced to move in whatever direction you were moving in for a few seconds. Jumping is also completely non functional.

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Hello there! Long story short, we’re working on improving this pause button as we speak, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

For details, there are probably at least two factors that cause this:

  1. The pause button is pausing basically most, if not all, threads and scripts. Resuming all that paused code to try and catch back up on all the backlog is going to introduce some latency.
  2. If you entered pause via a breakpoint, the breakpoint will only pause either the server or client, depending on whether you stopped in a script or local script, respectively. You can test this by having print loops on both client and server, and notice that only one of them is actually paused when hitting a breakpoint.
    Because of this mismatch, pausing introduces artificial network latency between the server and client, and will bring all the normal lagging issues similar to what you’ve described here, including physics replication issues.

There’s not much that can be done here for now, but rest assured that we’re looking into a more useful pause button that will hopefully avoid the issues you’ve mentioned here!

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