Resurrection Assistant Gun Animator Position

Resurrection Studios is looking to find some one to take on a assistive position as a gun animator for our game, Resurrection.
The role would include mainly reload animations for different guns, ranging from Automatic Rifles to Shotguns etc.
We are looking for someone who has decent experience with animating using Roblox And/Or Blender!

If you are looking for a post and feel this may be fore you, reply down below, and Il contact you further! You can also Contact @Gemini_II through Twitter/Discord (@Gemini_IIYT ,Gemini_II #7179) to discuss further about what the position would include etc! Thanks for reading, if you know someone who might be interested, feel free to @ them in this post!

Thanks again.

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WIll the animations be custom or fairly generic? For instance, would we be able to use previous, or existing animations, or creating our own from scratch/tweaking existing ones?

The animations can be generic , if you use ones made for a particular gun and then modify it to suit a different gun! Any other questions, just reply/msg me and Il be happy to answer!


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