Retail Tycoon 2 Changelog

For upcoming features and known bugs please refer to the RT2 trello:
Also we have a Discord server if you want to discuss things or get pinged about updates:

1.7.4 (2/10/2023):

  • Valentines Day event :heart:
    • Gather 50 candy hearts around the map to unlock some holiday decorations
    • Added limited time Valentines Day sellables
    • Ends Feb 20
  • Added some new player-made posters (12/17/2022):

  • Fixed christmas tree customers sometimes wanting halloween things too
  • Fixed some delete tool errors

1.7.3 (12/15/2022):

  • Winter holiday event :santa:
    • Gather 50 presents around the map to unlock some holiday decorations
    • Added limited time sellable: Christmas Tree
    • Ends Jan 5
  • Added electric car charger parking spots
    • EV customers bring in a bit more money on average
  • Probably fixed customers sometimes leaving their cars behind (11/7/2022):

  • More Movember: Collect 50 Philips coins around the map to unlock the Chevron moustache for your avatar (This month only)

1.7.2 (10/20/2022):

  • Halloween event is back :jack_o_lantern:
    • Smash 50 pumpkins around the map to unlock some Halloween themed decorations
    • Decorations: Spooky fence, cobwebs, jack o lanterns, + more
  • Added new sellables: Halloween decorations (Limited time - This month only)
  • Added new sellables: Pumpkins (vegetables)
  • Watermelons can fit in large produce bins now (10/13/2022):

  • Fixed some UI issues caused by localization service errors

1.7.1 (10/13/2022):

  • Philips Norelco event
    • Added new sellable: Philips OneBlade
    • Added portal to Philips hub in the park (limited-time)
  • Fixed managers sometimes ordering items for shelves that were removed
  • Fixed some elevator teleportation weirdness

1.7 (9/22/2022):

  • Added shopping carts, baskets, mobility scooters
    • Customers are more likely to buy cheaper items in bulk but need one of the above to carry more items (carts hold the most, but some customers have a preference)
    • Place dispensers from the amenities tab
  • Added children
  • Added elevators
  • Raised loan acceptance chance a bit

1.6.11 (9/8/2022):

  • Added snack vending machine
    • Can stock chips or candy (9/1/2022):

  • Maybe fixed build camera being shakey sometimes
  • Maybe fixed vehicle enter prompt not appearing sometimes (8/26/2022):

  • Raised vending machine capacity to 16
  • Fixed vending machines not counting sales stats

1.6.10 (8/25/2022):

  • Added drink vending machines
    • Stocked like regular shelves
    • Soda only, more coming soon

1.6.9 (8/11/2022):

  • Added new sellables: Pianos (Keyboard, Upright Piano, Grand Piano)

1.6.8 (7/28/2022):

  • Added new sellables: Vacuum Cleaners (3 variants)
  • Fixed some rare loading bugs

1.6.7 (7/14/2022):

  • Added tiny recreational plane

1.6.6 (7/7/2022):

  • Added new sellable: Canned chips (snacks)
  • Fixed issues deleting ceiling objects
  • Fixed some odd tutorial UI placement on small screens
  • Fixed some pathfinding errors
  • Fixed some queue bugs (7/5/2022):

  • Fixed UI issue from recent roblox update (again)

1.6.5 (6/30/2022):

  • Added new sellables: Chips (snacks), Foosball table (game tables)
  • Maybe fixed some customer freezing bugs
  • Some efficiency improvements for server things

1.6.4 (6/23/2022):

  • Added a toggle in settings to offload pathfinding calculations onto your own device
    • Can lessen server load
    • Beta feature, maybe buggy blah blah
  • Fixed objects losing color palettes when moved
  • Fixed register pathing issues on the hilltop plot
  • Maybe fixed cars not despawning sometimes

1.6.3 (6/16/2022):

  • Added new sellables: Game Tables (air hockey, pool, ping pong)
  • Fixed move tool sometimes marking tiles as blocked when they should not have been
  • Fixed customers getting stuck sometimes when moving/deleting registers
  • Fixed build gui issues with deleting color palettes sometimes (6/15/2022):

  • Fixed UI issue from recent roblox update (6/10/2022):

  • Fixed some bugs with the new queue stuff

1.6.2 (6/9/2022):

  • Testing more dynamic queueing at cash registers (required for shopping carts etc later on)
    • You can add railings to control where queues go
    • Might be a lil buggy
  • Added line dividers (those retractible barrier things)
  • Added queue sizes rating

1.6.1 (6/2/2022):

  • Added new sellables: Shorts, T-Shirts, Hats (Clothing)
  • Added hat rack
  • Remade existing clothing models
  • Fixed restockers not ignoring blocked shelves
  • Fixed build camera getting shakey sometimes (5/27/2022):

  • Added trash can coverage heatmap
  • Increased trash can coverage area
  • Reduced littering rate due to skill issues
  • Janitors move faster as they level up
  • Fixed trash can emptying prompt showing up in build mode
  • Fixed a couple weird janitor behaviors

1.6 (5/26/2022):

  • Added janitors and trash cans
    • Place trash cans to prevent customers from littering
    • Janitors clean up garbage and empty trash cans, but need a dumpster to empty their inventory
  • Added cleanliness rating

1.5.12 (5/12/2022)
  • Added sellable: Cereal (boxed food)
  • Added one-way stairs variants
  • Stairs are recolorable
  • Fixed npc aircraft not initially being visible when loading stores sometimes
  • Fixed some vehicle shop bugs

1.5.11 (5/5/2022)
  • Added cargo helicopter
  • Added strafing to aircraft
  • Added control tooltips to aircraft
  • Added small landing pad buildable
  • Hid rooftop NPC-controlled vehicles when using the build camera
  • Made delivery driver vehicle animations clientside (smoother)
  • Fixed some cases of guards slacking off (this fix also lowers server load which is nice)
  • Fixed delivery drivers getting stuck sometimes when reassigning
  • Fixed some issues if a player managed to put a non-sign in the sign spot (how??)
  • Fixed tile edges taking on the color of railings below
  • Maybe fixed touchscreen build buttons not registering and moving things around sometimes
  • Maybe fixed parking spots getting stuck as ‘in use’ sometimes
  • Maybe fixed build mode freezing up with co-op sometimes (4/29/2022)
  • Fixed tutorial bug
  • Fixed load/unload vehicle button sometimes not appearing

1.5.10 (4/28/2022)
  • Added cargo airship
    • Smaller and cheaper options coming later
  • Added large landing pad buildable
  • Added landing pads at the loading dock

1.5.9 (4/21/2022)
  • Added 5 new double doors
  • Added 27 new window variants
  • Added sellable: tuba (brass instruments)
  • Fixed employee door coloring issues
  • Fixed overly bright LED store signs (4/18/2022)
  • typo

1.5.8 (4/14/2022)
  • Added bus stops (same concept as trams but cheaper)
  • Fixed some customer car transparency bugs
  • Added a warning when buying something too big for your vehicles
  • 100M visits sale :partying_face: (4/8/2022)
  • Fixed tram station escalators sometimes not escalating
  • Fixed some wall building bugs

1.5.7 (4/7/2022)
  • Added underground tram stations
    • Expensive end game option to reduce space used by parking lots
  • Added sellables: Garden tools (wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, pitchfork, hoe)

1.5.6 (3/31/2022)
  • Added revolving doors
  • Added 5 new decorative pillars
  • Fixed some pathing issues after altering 2nd floor tiles
  • Fixed some color palette related building issues
  • Fixed some store loading issues
  • Fixed door timing being off sometimes

1.5.5 (3/24/2022)
  • Walls are now 100% colorable
    • Some custom wall/door palettes may have changed sorry
    • Added some preset color palettes to walls/windows/doors
  • Added sellable: Skateboard (Personal transport)
  • Fixed vehicles visually having boxes when joining sometimes when they shouldnt
  • Fixed some ui bugs (3/17/2022)
  • Fixed items piling up at checkout counters

1.5.4 (3/17/2022)
  • Added new sellables: Soda, Jelly
  • Increased pathfinding efficiency 20-25%
  • Increased efficiency of some moving parts (cars, checkout items)
  • Fixed chat bubbles being way too high sometimes
  • Fixed build menu bugs when changing variants and colors at the same time

1.5.3 (3/10/2022)
  • Added new sellable: Peanut butter
  • Fixed some odd player walking animations

1.5.2 (3/3/2022)
  • Added new sellable: Ice cream
  • Added new buildable: Posters (3 variants)
  • Fixed auto-generated tiles at the top of escalators not initially being marked as traversable
  • Fixed a bug with moving things not updating security values properly
  • Fixed permissions menu not reflecting if someone is black/whitelisted if they rejoin
  • Fixed some other bugs I forgot to write down

1.5.1 (2/24/2022)
  • Beautified the whitelisting/permissions menu
  • Fixed managers sometimes ordering things based on the wrong store
  • Fixed several cases of NPC breakage
  • Fixed bought land not visually unlocking for whitelisted players
  • Fixed decoration and other camera overlays not always depicting the right store
  • Fixed vehicle gui not updating correctly when a whitelisted player buys/sells a truck
  • Fixed vehicles not always recoloring along with the store (2/18/2022)
  • Allowed to respawn a vehicle someone else is using unless theyre actively driving it
  • Fixed being locked out of a vehicle if the player using it left (2/17/2022)
  • Fixed some stats and costs being assigned to the wrong store when doing co-op
  • Fixed tiny permissions menu on some screen sizes

1.5 (2/17/2022)
  • Added co-op, invite friends to work on your store with you
    • Beta feature, expect some bugs
    • Whitelisted players can do literally everything the owner can
    • Manage permissions through a new tab in the store options menu
    • Gamepass/badge access is tied to the owner of the store
  • Added the option to blacklist players, preventing them from entering your store

1.4.4 (2/10/2022)
  • Added new shelf: Wall rack
  • Added new sellables: Lumber (2x4, plywood)
  • Added shoebox texture

1.4.3 (1/27/2022)
  • Added new sellables: Shoes (sneakers), Office Electronics (shredder, laminator) (1/22/2022)
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues

1.4.2 (1/20/2022)
  • Added a custom floors gamepass
    • Use any decal ID to make your own floor textures
    • Added a setting to disable seeing custom floors
  • Added new sellables: PC Peripherals (Keyboard, Headphones, Microphone)
  • Added a leaderboard at the gokart track
  • Added gokart for sale at Alans Auto
  • Fixed NPCs walking on roofing tiles (also pathfinding is slightly faster) (1/17/2022)
  • Fixed robbers sometimes robbing for a few seconds after theyre arrested

1.4.1 (1/14/2022)
  • Added a gokart track down by the windmill
  • Added many new flooring options and most floors can now be recolored
  • Added new sellables: School Supplies (notebook, binder, looseleaf), Luggage (suitcase, backpack, duffel bag)
  • Added sound volume setting (camera beeps etc)
  • Made guards smarter
  • Fixed guards being afraid of the 2nd floor
  • Fixed restocking issues with gamepads (1/8/2022)
  • Fixed building issues with gamepads
  • Permitted guards to cheat a little bit if server load is high (temporary fix)
  • Disabled furniture render distance setting for the time being because bugs (1/7/2022)
  • Limited robbers to one valuable item each
  • Robbers will walk slowly after stealing something bulky
  • Made camera and security gate beeps clientside so they might make more sense
  • Fixed a bug loading decoration/security values

1.4 (1/7/2022)
  • Added guards and robbers
    • Shady customers show up every now and then with no intention of paying
    • You can arrest robbers manually or hire a guard
    • Level 3+ guards get a segway
  • Added security cameras and security gates
    • Security items decrease decoration but have a chance to alert guards to robbers in their area of effect (lower chance if they haven’t stolen anything yet)
  • Added stats for robbers arrested, items stolen, value stolen
  • Added new camera mode toolbar (1/3/2022)
  • Fixed the furniture render limit thing breaking sometimes

1.3.6 (12/31/2021)
  • Added some floor variants
  • Added a setting to disable shadows (always disabled on phones)
  • Added an experimental setting to limit furniture objects on screen
    • By default only the furniture on the current plot is loaded in, but you can also set a visual distance or just show everything on all plots (12/21/2021)
  • Added limits to string lights
  • Fixed fast cars clipping into things sometimes
  • Fixed delivery drivers parking badly at the higher plot

1.3.5 (12/17/2021)
  • The map has been updated with more map
  • Added snowmobile (to drive)
  • Walls use considerably fewer parts (12/10/2021)
  • Fixed string lights on the edge of plots not being delete-able

1.3.4 (12/10/2021)
  • Winter holiday event
    • Gather 50 presents around the map to unlock some holiday decorations
    • Decorations: Christmas trees, string lights, decorated bushes, piles of presents, etc
    • Ends Jan 4
  • Added seasonal variations to the map
    • Season changes every 3 game days (every hour or so), except during certain times of the year (such as like right now)
  • Added a new kind of potted bush (12/3/2021)
  • Localization fixes
  • Backend organization you don’t care about (11/19/2021)
  • Fixed tutorial breaking at the shelf stocking part
  • Fixed total apple pie sales being reset to 0

1.3.3 (11/19/2021)
  • New sellables: Pumpkin pie, Turkey, Ham
  • Added a minimum loan amount setting to finance reps (if you want them to focus on car loans and not bean loans)
  • Managers can now target up to 200% stock
  • Fixed stock gui filter options overflowing on small screens
  • Fixed shelf stocking not working on valid shelves if the filter is set to something else

1.3.2 (11/12/2021)
  • Build menu no longer resets colors etc every time you switch objects
    • Added some more obvious variant switching arrows
  • Fixed delivery driver inventories not saving between sessions
  • Fixed managers waiting forever to save up for expensive things
  • Fixed armored cabinets clipping against walls (11/5/2021)
  • Fixed a negative cash thing with new saves sometimes (11/5/2021)
  • Fixed managers buying gamepass locked items

1.3.1 (11/5/2021)
  • Added military gamepass
    • Sell guns, ammo, tanks, and military trucks
    • Tank and military truck are driveable
  • New sellables: Car parts (Batteries, Tires, Motor Oil)
  • Added desk variants that only certain workers can use
  • NPCs are no longer allowed to leave immediately after getting a loan
  • Fixed workers sometimes fighting over the same spot
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes applying for loans multiple times (11/2/2021)
  • Fixed stores sometimes loading with missing furniture
    • If affected, use the :arrows_counterclockwise: button to roll back your save to a few saves before 1.3

1.3 (11/1/2021)
  • Added finance reps
    • Customers won’t always be able to afford more expensive items, but they can talk to finance reps to get loans
    • The bigger the loan, the less likely it is to be approved
  • New sellables: Economy cars (Sedan, Pickup Truck, SUV, Minivan)
  • New buildables: Awnings (6 types)
  • Money trees now add 2% to profit instead of 1% to revenue (so low profit margin items aren’t OP)
  • Added 2 seats to desks, new model may clip in existing layouts
  • Fixed color palette bug with registers
  • Fixed players falling infinitely sometimes instead of looping into the sky

1.2.5 (10/22/2021)
  • Halloween event :jack_o_lantern:
    • Smash 50 pumpkins around the map to unlock some Halloween themed decorations
    • Decorations: Spooky fence, cobwebs, and jack o lanterns
  • Added candy sellable
  • Fixed benches and such not being sit-able (10/8/2021)
  • Fixed super star badge
  • Maybe fixed NPCs sometimes wandering into the sky

1.2.4 (10/8/2021)
  • Autumn colors :fallen_leaf:
  • New sellables: Personal transport (Bike, OneWheel, Electric Scooter)
  • Added a bunch of new badges
  • Some improvements to NPC efficiency (10/1/2021)
  • Fixed net worth leaderboard not updating

1.2.3 (10/1/2021)
  • Added money trees and a badge for getting one
    • Money trees are end game items that each boost revenue by 1% (subject to change)
    • Money trees are earned by hitting large sales milestones for each sellable item, visible in Settings > Stats
    • Also expect these numbers to change a bit
  • Added stats menu to settings where you can see interesting numbers
    • Cash spent/earned wasn’t tracked so the initial value is an estimate
    • Distance driven starts at 0 because I can’t estimate that
  • New decorations: Various flowers in pots and planters
  • Added some stuff to improve save reliability
  • Improved store loading time in some cases
  • Minor performance improvements (9/24/2021)
  • Server leaderboard sorts properly by cash
  • Fixed sign level of detail bug that could affect performance
  • Some localization fixes (9/21/2021)
  • Fixed issues with building signs, moving stuff, and missing objects in some cases where stores didn’t load in immediately (9/18/2021)
  • Fixed saving issues involving signs with special text
  • Fixed some bugs with moving signs
  • Fixed some other unintended weirdness

1.2.2 (9/17/2021)
  • Added many signs that you can write text on (26 ceiling and 5 floor signs) (9/13/2021)
  • Fixed build variant UI not being interactable on some small screens

1.2.1 (9/10/2021)
  • Added a variant property to build mode to allow for more stuff
  • New sellables: Baked goods (donuts, bread, pie)
  • Changed truck loading logic to better prioritize what’s needed
  • Fixed build camera moving up/down unintentionally with controllers
  • Fixed light projections not being on the floor
  • Fixed floor tiles clipping with escalators (9/4/2021)
  • Fixed managers not considering player truck inventory
  • Fixed driver location status not updating if you’re not at your store (9/4/2021)
  • Fixed negative numbers showing up in places they shouldn’t
  • Maybe fixed managers buying way too much of one thing for a few minutes
  • Fixed manager displaying extra instant delivery cost even when they weren’t paying that
  • Fixed manager restock percent lowering on reset
  • Fixed drivers earning decimal exp points
  • Reduced driver exp gain a bit (9/3/2021)
  • Fixed “Load truck” button not showing up sometimes
  • Fixed hanging plants not adhering to the new ceiling heights
  • Added loading dock and truck inventories to net worth calculation

1.2 (9/3/2021)
  • Added delivery drivers
    • Each driver must be assigned a truck, and needs an unloading dock with enough space to park their truck
    • When the player or manager buys goods, they will pile up at the loading dock where they can be picked up by the player or delivery drivers
  • Added manager options for how much stuff to buy and whether to use instant delivery
    • Managers have instant delivery off by default
  • Replaced unloading dock with a 3-tile version (existing doors might overwrite nearby walls)
  • Raised ceiling heights by 3 studs so all trucks can fit underneath
  • Slight changes to the tutorial
  • Added 2 potted plants
  • Added a scroll bar to the stock shelves menu (8/25/2021)
  • Fixed vehicle suspension setting being off by default for new players (8/21/2021)
  • Fixed gamepads not able to edit song IDs

1.1.1 (8/20/2021)
  • Added custom store radio / playlists (gamepass)
    • All default songs and song IDs are visible in the playlist menu
  • Fixed NPC models sometimes not loading correctly
  • Fixed a pathing bug mainly affecting cashiers finding registers
  • Fixed move tool not allowing some signs on the roof
  • Fixed ceiling fan color palettes not saving
  • Fixed grid sometimes staying visible after leaving build mode
  • Fixed unwanted corner parts showing up between ledges and windows, etc (8/16/2021)
  • Fixed videogame signs being visible on hidden floors
  • Added setting to permanently disable vehicle suspension
  • Bound LT to sprint on controllers

1.1 (8/13/2021)
  • Added xbox support
    • Please send feedback because there’s probably bugs
  • New sellables:
    • Game consoles (playbox, robox)
    • Videogames (playbox games, robox games)
  • New shelf: Cabinet
  • Altered sports car hitboxes to get over curbs better (8/6/2021)
  • Fixed universal restock button not working (8/6/2021)
  • Fixed a net worth bug that removed cash on new saves sometimes

1.0.3 (8/6/2021)
  • Added 2 sports cars you can use to flex your wealth
  • Net worth now includes value of owned vehicles
  • Made NPCs more vocal about pathing issues
  • Partial controller support, still WIP (8/3/2021)
  • Fixed NPCs breaking sometimes when pathing near the edge of the plot
  • Fixed 3rd floor items not saving properly if the 2nd floor is empty (8/2/2021)
  • Adjusted some prices (kitchenware, exercise equipment, large power tools, jewelry)
  • Fixed semi truck being unable to climb hills with suspension disabled
  • Fixed recycling goods sometimes giving back fractions of a dollar (yuck)

1.0.2 (7/30/2021)
  • New sellables:
    • Kitchenware (pots, pans, kitchen knives, cutting boards)
    • Paint Supplies (paint rollers, paint brushes, paint cans, spraypaint)
  • Added option to trash/recycle goods for half their cost
  • Added option to temporarily disable employees
    • Employees on break get paid half as much and don’t work, but you don’t lose their exp and hiring costs like you would firing them
  • Maybe fixed golden statues loading oddly sometimes (7/27/2021)
  • Added a 5 minute warning for server shutdowns (7/23/2021)
  • Future is Bright was on and now it’s off (better fps)

1.0.1 (7/23/2021)
  • Map additions, more roads and stuff
  • Added 3 railing types
  • Added option to sell your old trucks (half price)
  • Added a readout of your own net worth on the leaderboard
  • Increased performance in stores with many shelves
  • Added setting to not render shelf items past a certain distance
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck sometimes when moving objects
  • Fixed NPCs disappearing sometimes when wandering (7/21/2021)
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck at shelves sometimes
  • Fixed a rare loading issue (7/19/2021)
  • Fixed phantom blocked tiles when undoing deletions sometimes
  • Fixed accessible shelves getting marked as blocked in certain arrangements (7/16/2021)
  • Fixed non-betas being allowed to buy golden statues because I was bound to forget something like that
  • Fixed some statue color bugs
  • Fixed “Load music from other stores” setting only kinda working

1.0 (7/16/2021)
  • Free to play!
  • Presents for beta players - Cybertruck, blue chat, golden statue
  • New sellables:
    • Jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings)
    • Large/small power tools (belt sander, drill, sawzall, miter saw, shopvac, air compressor)
    • Exercise equipment (treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, weight machine)
    • Large/small furniture (couch, bed, dining set, armchair, ottoman, coffee table, dresser, nightstand)
    • Misc others (blender, grill)
  • New shelves: Straight/curved display case, 2x2 floor display
  • New buildables: Industrial fan, track lights
  • Added electric semi gamepass
  • Added net worth leaderboard
  • Added gamepad support to vehicles (full support later)
  • New save slots no longer start with previous robux cash purchases
  • Fixed customer inventories being lost when loading (they go into storage now)
  • Fixed unwanted land purchase prompts popping up in build mode on touchscreens (7/5/2021)
  • Fixed some servers not spawning cars (7/5/2021)
  • Some fixes for data saving/loading
  • Fixed settings slider on touchscreens (7/3/2021)
  • Minor bugfixes

0.6.9b (7/2/2021)
  • Added music playlists you can play in your store
    • Added some music settings
    • Custom playlists coming Soon™
  • Customers can no longer use employee-only doors
  • Fixed decoration values not updating correctly when moving an object
  • Fixed color data not being saved if an object gets moved

0.6.8b (6/25/2021)
  • Added settings menu (plus changelog/credits)
  • New storage shelf model
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug dealing with partially obstructed tiles near plot borders
  • Fixed open/close toggle visual bug
  • Some anti-exploit stuff (6/18/2021)
  • Fixed a saving issue mostly affecting afkers (6/16/2021)
  • Fixed register transactions using a ton of server cpu and causing NPCs to wait around a lot
  • Fixed some wall building bugs again

0.6.7b (6/15/2021)
  • Added worker exp and levels
    • Workers get better at their jobs as they level up
  • Added new floor types with decoration values
    • Floor coloring coming later
  • Added more land gamepass
  • Added 1-4 keybinds for inventory/build/stock/worker menus
  • Enabled randomization button for new workers, worker appearances save
  • Fixed shelves loading in as Empty sometimes (visual bug)
  • Fixed some instances of customers freezing up
  • Fixed some wall building bugs (6/1/2021)
  • Managers will buy 25% more goods than your shelves can hold (instead of 50%)
  • Managers are better at prioritizing which items are needed most
  • Fixed shelves getting broken if you move/edit them while a restocker is on the way
  • Fixed undoing wall changes removing their color sometimes
  • Fixed objects being left behind if a player leaves while their store is loading/updating
  • Fixed some path issues with blocked destinations near the map edge

0.6.6b (5/28/2021)
  • Added electric box truck (speedy)
  • Overloaded trucks are now significantly slower
  • Removing ground floor tiles now places grass
  • Maybe fixed that flying truck thing
  • Fixed move/delete tools sometimes highlighting nearby objects
  • Fixed some object movement bugs
  • Fixed inventory gui variants getting cut off on small screens

0.6.5b (5/22/2021)
  • Added managers that buy inventory for your store automatically
    • Managers use instant delivery (expensive), truck driver workers coming later
    • Managers aim to buy 50% more than what your shelves can hold in total
    • Each manager is limited to buying about $1500 worth of items per 10s
  • Added desks for managers to work at
  • Added textures to canned food

0.6.4b (5/18/2021)
  • New sellables: vegetables (potatoes, corn, lettuce, onions, carrots)
  • Fixed bouncy truck issue, sort of
  • Vehicle list is sorted by size
  • Fixed some movement tool bugs
  • Fixed inventory search function
  • Fixed mobile players being unable to exit passenger seats (5/7/2021)
  • Fixed restock option in stock gui

0.6.3b (5/7/2021)
  • New sellables: fruit (apples, pears, tomatoes, watermelons, grapes, oranges, bananas, pineapples)
  • New shelves: small/large produce bin
  • Re-added move tool
  • Rewrote shelf-stocking scripts so no bugs :crossed_fingers:
  • Changed some item prices/volumes
  • Customers should no longer be interested in empty shelves (for real this time)

0.6.2b (4/23/2021)
  • Added markers to shelves etc that are unreachable by NPCs
  • Added some new NPC animations
  • Fixed customers complaining they couldn’t find everything they wanted when they were infact leaving due to low store rating
  • Maybe fixed shelves failing to load contents (visually) sometimes

0.6.1b (4/14/2021)
  • Fixed land buying not working on mobile
  • Fixed mobile camera for vehicles being stuck sometimes
  • Fixed mobile controls not showing up when exiting vehicles sometimes
  • Fixed roadside signs not being removable on mobile
  • Fixed color palette gui scrollbars (4/13/2021)
  • Fixed mobile vehicle controls showing up on PC

0.6b (4/13/2021)
  • Added mobile support
    • We haven’t tested every possible device, so please give feedback if you find issues
  • Reverted to shadowmap lighting for performance (4/6/2021)
  • Fixed custom palettes sometimes not saving properly (4/6/2021)
  • Removed shadows from some moving parts for performance
  • Fixed gamepass image in the robux store
  • Fixed large box truck colors

0.5b (4/6/2021)
  • Added color options
    • Certain buildables have a set of default color palettes to choose from
    • New gamepass allows you to create and use your own color palettes
    • Change your overall store color theme in Store Options
  • Paint tool is WIP, you can only color newly built stuff atm
  • Reorganized build menu
  • Added FIB lighting (3/12/2021)
  • Fixed vehicle shop

0.4.6b (3/12/2021)
  • Added shelter rating
  • Plot picking gui will no longer start on an occupied plot
  • Fixed some exploitable things (3/8/2021)
  • Fixed tiles incorrectly becoming unblocked sometimes when removing objects

0.4.5b (3/5/2021)
  • Added tutorial
  • Added a big button to open store inventory when parked at the loading dock
  • Added sign limits
  • Fixed automatic respawn when falling off the island
  • Fixed data decompression error thing

0.4.4b (2/19/2021)
  • New buildable: Rack
  • New sellables: Small and Large Outdoor Equipment (Chainsaw, Leaf Blower, Hedge Trimmer, Weedwhacker, Generator, Snowblower, Lawnmower)
  • Fixed some issues entering and exiting vehicles (2/16/2021)
  • Fixed roadside signs not being removable

0.4.3b (2/16/2021)
  • Made sun movement more performant
  • Serverside building optimization
  • Fixed some building errors
  • Fixed some restocker issues
  • Fixed shelf items sometimes not loading in at first
  • Fixed sliding door stickers disappearing
  • Limited hanging plants to 200 (you did this to yourselves)
    • Btw you don’t have to decorate your storage

0.4.2b (2/12/2021)
  • Added store signs
    • Customer spawn rate is increased based on the signage value of your largest sign
    • Signs can be placed anywhere on your plot, or on a sign slot by the road
  • Significantly reduced network traffic when building (bug potential)
  • Fixed cargo animations in van and large box truck
  • Fixed surface guis showing up on floors above the camera (2/8/2021)
  • Fixed character animations when driving
  • Fixed benches trapping players
  • Fixed semi trailer wheels turning sometimes

0.4.1b (2/6/2021)
  • Vehicle improvements
    • New suspensions that should work better with low fps
    • Interiors and driving animations (C toggles first person)
    • Passenger seats
  • Fixed getting into a vehicle while in build mode
  • Doors no longer fall apart over time

0.4b (1/22/2021)
  • New buildables: Electronics display shelf, Ceiling fan, fluorescent light
  • New sellables: PC, Monitor, Printer (PC Electronics)
  • Customers spawn with shopping lists
    • For every type of item you sell (like canned food), customers may come in expecting to buy any of that items variants (beans, soup, etc)
    • Less frequently, customers may also want to buy similar items (like small electronics if you’re selling large electronics)
    • Stores exclusively selling expensive items will tend to attract more customers who are just browsing
    • Customers are more likely to leave sooner or stay and browse based on store ratings
  • Adjusted customer spawn rates
    • Customer spawn rate is based on how much cash is carried into your store per minute
    • Rate is increased by high ratings and number of parking spots (plus signs and ads in the future)
  • Click on an NPC to bring up an info card about them
  • Customers will ignore empty shelves (1/15/2021)
  • Fixed delete tool highlighting lights when they’re hidden
  • Fixed delete tool sometimes highlighting drop ceiling lights incorrectly (1/13/2021)
  • Fixed 0.3b saves with workers not loading properly

0.3b (1/13/2021)
  • Added ceiling lighting buildables
  • Added day/night cycle
  • Added top down camera mode
  • Added NPC clothing
  • Fixed building previews colliding with vehicles (sorry)
  • Fixed build tool sometimes charging for rejected items
  • Fixed undo not undoing tiles changed by placing an object

0.2.2b (12/29/2020)
  • Fixed things appearing on floors above the overhead camera focus
  • Fixed shelf pieces sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed restockers sometimes not doing anything when loading in
  • Fixed high server cpu use when building in large stores
  • Fixed instruments showing up as TVs at checkouts

0.2.1b (12/22/2020)
  • New buildable: Wall shelf (TVs, instruments)
  • New sellables: Instruments (french horn, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, electric guitar, banjo)
  • Truck cargo is visible and has loading/unloading animations
  • Added proximity prompts to enter vehicles
  • Fixed vehicle shop not sitting players in newly bought vehicles sometimes
  • Added a warning when insta-buying items if you’re at the loading dock
  • Lowered electronics display table decoration
  • Changed shift lock keybind to ctrl
  • Fixed windmill parts flying away over time

0.2b (12/16/2020)
  • Added store options menu
    • Change your store name and slogan
    • Open/close your store
      • Workers won’t need payment if the store is closed and empty
    • View store ratings
  • Added store ratings for decoration and crowdedness
    • Ratings don’t affect anything yet, still balancing
  • Added camera overlays for decoration and crowdedness
  • NPCs will try to avoid crowded areas
  • Hanging plants no longer block paths

0.1.6b (12/3/2020)
  • New buildable: Metal bollard (wow)
  • Updated buildables: Cactus, chainlink fence
  • Characters can no longer collide with vehicles they don’t own
  • Overhead camera mode switches itself off in more cases
  • Changed vehicle tracking camera back to the less awful one
  • NPCs are better at getting unstuck if something is built on top of them
  • NPCs will no longer walk through walls to get to tricky spots like cash registers
  • Fixed stocking gui filter and sizing issues

0.1.5b (11/19/2020)
  • Added van and semi
  • Trucks drive and handle a lot better
  • Increased truck prices and capacities
  • Changed some sellable unit sizes (11/18/2020)
  • Fixed the sprinter van and small box truck

0.1.4b (11/17/2020)
  • New main menu
  • New buildables: Fountain, bollard, cactus, and another bench
  • Added minivan as a customer vehicle
  • Fixed low framerate causing trucks to bounce around
  • Fixed one sided chainlink fences
  • Fixed remove tool sometimes highlighting too much stuff
  • Fixed build mode charging for out of bounds stuff if part of the selection is in bounds
  • Fixed potted plant blocking the tile above it
  • Fixed freezer bin not being able to be emptied
  • Fixed ‘empty’ shelf stocking mode highlighting everything (11/12/2020)
  • Fixed sellables not loading properly when toy rockets are present

0.1.3b (11/12/2020)
  • New buildables: Straight/Circular Clothing Racks, Bench, Roofing, Ledge, Ladder, Rooftop Vents, Rooftop A/C
  • New sellables: Shirts/Pants (Clothing), Speakers (Large Electronics)
  • Added a parking spot to the default store
  • Selling a shelf will return any contents back into storage
  • Grass can be placed on the roof
  • Fixed inventory gui not updating when a restocker restocks a shelf
  • Fixed shelf items being removed in the wrong order so some were left floating
  • Fixed restockers ignorning some shelves after loading
  • Fixed some transparent sellable parts being opaque
  • Fixed refrigerated shelf not being able to be emptied
  • Fixed some shelf stocking errors
  • Fixed some instances of the unload truck button not showing up

0.1.2b (11/10/2020)
  • Added an option in the save slot menu to rollback to an earlier point in time
  • Vehicles can no longer be spawned on someone elses plot
  • Fixed some bugs to do with negative supplies
  • Fixed some floating sellables being left behind when a player leaves

0.1.1b (11/7/2020)
  • New buildables: Light poles, pillars, half-walls, chain link fence, hedge, hanging plant, dumpster
  • New sellables: Small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave)
  • Added ceiling texture
  • Changed some sellable prices
  • Increased cash register cashier detection area
  • Fixed vehicles losing pieces and falling too fast when falling/respawning
  • Fixed walls not being allowed on the edge of plots (11/6/2020)
  • Temporarily disabled the move tool due to general buggyness
  • Lowered the prices of walls and doors
  • Fixed players getting stuck in trucks they dont own
  • Fixed restockers prioritizing empty shelves for which there is no inventory
  • Fixed windows being not collidable

0.1b (11/6/2020)
  • Beta is released!