Retain the Most Recent Icon When Switching Icons; Don't Show a Blank Picture

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to retain a good playerbase due to the fact that every time one must switch their game’s icon it automatically puts blank, generic white image in it’s place.

Here’s a picture of @fireboltofdeath’s player count when the icon was blank:


It dips insanely low due to a literal lack of context of what the game is. Icons can really affect a game. In this example, they lost half the player count in 30 minutes because the icon was blank. Despite the fact they spent thousands on ads.

Icons that are waiting approval should be hidden until they’ve been approved. They should fall back to a previous version instead of just being a blank white image.


Players can’t find, or have a hard time finding the game they were looking for due to the blank icon, and games with blank icons are automatically assumed to be low-quality.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because developers would be able to retain a playerbase better, and players could find the game easier.


This should hold true for any asset that you can change the picture of, not just games. It’s probably more crucial for games than it is for other assets though.

While the new picture is being processed through the moderation queue, the old one should remain and the developer should be notified that their image is being processed. That way, there’s still an icon to see while the new one is being processed. The previous picture can be used as a fallback if the new one gets rejected because in that case another blank icon gets shown indicating that the image was rejected or deleted, extending the time it takes to see a live icon.

When my project director was contacted by Developer Relations regarding an Rthro featured sort opportunity, one of the things we had to do was reupload our icon with the Rthro label attached in the corner. That means we had no icon for a few days. Said icon was rejected, so we had to sort out the issue with moderation which extended how long we needed to wait. This was not resolved in just a day.


Can’t believe this hasn’t been requested before, this is truly one of those QOL changes that will just make the developer experience better overall. I haven’t changed game icons in a while but I can say that in the past, this has been a major pain point.

Sometimes we choose to change the icon before we drop an update so that we can push the update as soon as the new game icon is moderated, and waiting up to hours for it to moderate is not only annoying but it also pushes back deadlines. This will help a lot so that we don’t have to wait. It’ll also help with not losing players, which if you ask me is more than just bad with this current process.


This is a great feature request! When I sponsor a game, I like to change the icon to see if more people click it. The time it takes to moderate the icon makes this practice risky.

Please add this!


This issue results in developers uploading their new icons to separate placeholder places so they can get through the moderation queue and not have to wait for their icon to be moderated while in the middle of trying to release an update. This is an absurd workflow.


Games that have been [ Content Deleted ] have very similar icons to games who’s icons are just pending.

[ Content Deleted ]:


Image Pending:


They both have a grey and white color scheme, and both revolve around an image of paper. Players may get confused due to the similarity, especially those who are younger/ players who don’t pay too close attention to the image itself.

The repercussions of this could include false rumors that your game had something inappropriate in it, that the game had got into some controversies, or anything that could affect your game in the short and long term.

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