Retrieve information on my game every 1 second via a proxy without caching

I’m aiming to prevent Get requests to my proxy website caching so that the amount of likes can be updated live in-game every 1 second.

Here’s a link to the open source place (the API Key is public and found within ‘Proxy’ since its a throw-away free Heroku account): Like Updater Example - Roblox

Currently it takes about 15-20 seconds to update the likes amount, despite a Get request with nocache set to true being made every 1 second.

if you believe you can solve this please reply here or reach out to me on the DevForum. Once completed I can reward you 10,000 R$ paid via our group Thing Studio: Thing Studio - Roblox

I setup the place using this tutorial here so I highly recommend checking that out too: Fixing HttpService: Make PUT, PATCH, DELETE requests, access response headers, proxy to any site, and more

If you’re using a shared proxy then it’s going to get rate limited much more frequently as opposed to hosting your own proxy to issue requests from.

It’s my own proxy I’m hosting.

I’ve setup a test place with a throw-away API Key if others would like to test:

I’m also rewarding 10,000 R$ for solving this: