Retriving the player that clicked

I have tried to refrence the player that clicked my gui in studio but have failed, please tell me how to refrence it if possible.


local user = script.Parent.TextBox.Text
local item = player.Character:FindFirstChildOfClass(“Tool”)
local cloneditem = item:Clone()
cloneditem.Parent = game.Players(user).BackPack

The player returns as nil.

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If this is a server script, you shouldn’t be manipulating UI on the server. This is a bad practice and is what LocalScripts are for. Just use a LocalScript instead, and fire a RemoteEvent when they click. Then on the server, it will say which player it was and you can use that to give them the tool.

Edit: If this is already a local script, the part where you give them the tool won’t replicate to other clients. Same solution as above; use RemoteEvents.


Studio as in a plugin or something? either way you cannot put player as argument in a MouseButton1Click event, they don’t return the player that clicked, they return nothing (nil)

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If you’re using a local script you can get the player

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

   print (player.Name)

and if you want to change something on the server you can use a remote event.

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3) Use game.Players.LocalPlayer
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