Retry button in publish failed screen does not work

Today I tried to publish a game it failed for an unknown reason. When the ‘publish failed’ screen was visible, pushing the retry button didn’t work because a lua error was thrown:

Argument 3 missing or nil  
Stack Begin  
Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Components.ScreenPublishFail', Line 132
Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Packages.UILibrary._internal.Components.RoundTextButton', Line 82
Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Packages._Index.Roact-e3b370a8-ec68e60e.Packages.Roact.SingleEventManager', Line 73
Stack End

So I had to close the ‘publish failed’ window and start the publishing process from scratch.

(The next publish was successful, so I’m assuming the original reason the publish failed is no cause for concern and is just a weird one-off thing.)


Thanks for reporting! I’ve filed a ticket for this.