Retry Team Create until it succeeds

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to join Team Create servers.

I have some bad internet, and joining Team Create can take a lot of time for me since I have to retry many times to get in.

I thought earlier: “Hey, I could just go get food and let it retry until it succeeds!”

I can’t do that though. Team Create requires manually retrying. With automatic retrying, I could let Studio do its thing while I work on other stuff until it succeeds. I could also let it run while I’m out and start developing when I get back.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would make it easier and more convenient for me to use Team Create servers.


Agreed, I just had some problems with team create.

It must have been some server issues, but it took many manual retries (aka a lot of time) to connect faultlessly.

I would argue that a better solution would be to remove the need to retry in the first place. ROBLOX is notorious for DoSing low-bandwidth connections by shoving everything through them at once (updating Studio/Client, joining/teleporting between places, joining Team Create). They should gradually load the place piece-by-piece and then finally finish connecting when that’s done instead.

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As great as that would be, I don’t trust Studio to ever be stable enough in low-bandwidth and unreliable connections for that alone to solve my problem.

Making Team Create retry automatically would be much faster and easier to implement and is a low-cost solution to the problem.

Making retrying unnecessary would be fantastic, of course! But it would take a lot of time and leave me and people like me with a bad experience until then. Since automatic retrying would be a very quick and easy change, I think the best solution would be automatic retrying now, and better low-bandwidth handling over time.

I also suffer from horrendous internet and this would help me a lot. I imagine it’s a quick change but it would be so beneficial for a lot of devs

I really dislike how long it takes to join team create.

if studio crashes, or I lose internet, or anything weird happens, I’m spending upward of over 5 minutes to wait for team create to even give me permission to join