Return InBrowser. InApp is bloat

One of the worst updates Roblox has pushed so far. I refuse to use this pos app. It’s extremely slow, makes it hard to multi-task (browser you can easily open multiple tabs), the layout is terrible, and did I say slow? Having to click X twice just to quit a game, the game process staying active for seconds after… it’s bloat.

What was the point of this? App is straight garbage. Can’t work on anything efficiently anymore, stop bothering me with these trash updates.


To quote @nidbahn

Another thing that Roblox doesn’t realize is that InApp mode severely reduces accessibility and harms UX for people that use in-browser translation, mostly kids that only know their native language which isn’t supported by Roblox.

A few minutes ago before writing this my sister came to me and asked for help because she had trouble customizing her avatar as everything is in English.

Another thing I noticed that Recent sort is missing from the in-app avatar editor, which makes customizing the avatar even harder.

Its still missing Translation, and Recent-Sort apparently. In a total release.

Talking with a few friends who are adults and play the platform, we thought up its one nice use might be for parents who don’t want kids roaming the world wide web. It would at least be better placed in parental controls.

Fullscreening inGame causes the inApp to require Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of it.
If there is another way, its like Amazon’s log-out dark patterns at this point.