Return Statement Issues

Hello DevForum.
I’ve got an issue I need resolving, and it’s proving extremely elusive. The link there is only if you really need further information, and you’re under no expectation to read that post.
I need you to answer a quick question. It’s intended to be broad, so I can explore every possibility here.

“Given that I have a RemoteFunction that fires from client to server, returning an object stored in ReplicatedStorage, that works for one person, and not a second (different computers and accounts in the same server), what reasons could be preventing the return function on the server from being registered on the client?”

  1. Make sure the target player is valid
  2. Make sure the player is listening to the same remote server.
  3. Instead of a remote event and storing objects in replicated storage try just moving to the players inv.
  4. Make sure the function that fires the event is being called on at some point.

You may want to use the debugger to step through your code line by line and inspect the values.

The issue seems to be connected to the fact he was using a VPN. (He forgot to tell me)
The second he turned it off, the game worked.
Not too sure why I was having similar issues yesterday, but I have no complaints.