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Hello, I’m currently attempting to create a system within my game that allows users to copy links/ids/search for another game on Roblox, where players within my experience can then join that game.

Basically, a game where players can recommend other players games.

Now, I am wondering how, if possible, I can add a “link” back to my game? A way to teleport back. This is something that ad portals do and I am wondering if there is any way to do this as a developer?

This is almost exactly what I want to accomplish. Any ideas of how to do this?

Update: It is not possible, I’d create a feature request if I could.

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You can’t. Roblox ads are hosted by roblox, and used by roblox, but there is no way to link your game with others, unless you partner with games and they are willing to do that. As far as I’m aware, this is impossible, especially if they have 3rd party teleports off, as that also breaks the safety there. But ye, impossible and would be shocked if this was at all possible for developers to do.


This must be new??? I don’t know anything of it being possible to do this but it’s probably an experimental feauture that roblox plans to add if that’s a game made by roblox, judging from the fact that it’s in natural disaster survival
They’re either rolling it out to certain developers
It’s for ads
Or it’s out
But judging that I didn’t find anything on it it’s impossible to know for sure.

This isn’t entirely true, You can teleport to any game, regardless of its 3rd party teleport setting. That just applies to players teleporting from your game.

You can try it out yourself here

Personally, I would not be shocked if this was a feature Roblox implemented, even just for teleporting between places in a game, it would add an easy way for players to get back to where they were without having to leave the game and go through the website/app and without the developer having to add anything.

But thank you for letting me know that there is no way to do this yourself…

Well that is excatly the issue. you would be breaking this when your in the ‘second’ game, and want to teleport back. Like if you are sending someone to a game that has 3rd party teleports off, it would break this security setting, when they want to teleport back, if that games has this off.

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