Reuploading Assets with the same Asset ID

I want to modify an already uploaded image without creating a new asset id. This allows me to tweak sprites and see how they behave in my game without the overhead of changing the asset ID in-game. Is there a way to do this? Will Roblox ever allow this functionality for their engine/website?

Short answer: you can’t do that.

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You really can’t do this in Roblox, you’re going to have to create a new Asset by just publishing what you made (over and over again). You can’t edit assets on Roblox sadly.

@NinjaFurfante07 @X0BaconHairDude0X @electricpretzel0 Indeed you can!
People are correct in saying that you can’t do that, however, you can use something called packages! Not avatar packages, but package links!

Package links are essentially models that can be updated. This is a native Roblox feature with no external plugins needed.

Below I linked a video of me doing exactly what you’re attempting to do via package links!

Packages can be applied to just about anything! From scripts, to models, and yes even decals! Package links allow you to change any property or outright replace the model.

Here’s Roblox’s guide on Package Links.

Interesting, I never heard of this before. Thank you!!

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Yes, I am aware of that but the OP was asking how to do it for images.

Package links can be used for an assortment of assets, including decals.

Yes but then you need to extract the image from the package

Thank you for the insightful reply! It will be helpful to someone, and I can see the utility in packages, but for my case it is not a solution. Here’s why. I have an image id of a sprite sheet in a module script. This image id is located in only one place, so I don’t need to worry about syncing multiple instances with a new image id.
The main bother is when I make an edit to the sprite sheet, I need to upload a new asset, copy the asset id into the module script, and archive the old sprite sheet via website each time. I make several edits per day and would rather not pollute Roblox’s database with outdated copies but rather just keep a history of changes all tied to one asset.

Hmmm. Why do you care about uploading so many assets? I get it for organization, but is there any other reason?

It’s wasteful, like littering the floor with crumbled-up copies because you decide to start a new drawing every time you make a mistake.

sadly, thats just how it is

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