Reusing similar ads for two different groups

I have two groups (This could get confusing, so I’ll call them Group A and Group B), and two advertisements (I’ll call them Ad 1 and Ad 2). Group A uses Ad 1, and Group B uses ad 2. Ad 1 gets me about a 2% CTR and 7 new members a day. Ad 2 gets me a 0.63% CTR and around 3 new members a day. Both are bid the same amount of robux.

I’ve been trying to come up with a new advertisement for Group B but I can’t find any ideas. I was wondering if I could take the advertisement from Group A, add some stuff to make it a little different than the original, and use it for Group B, with the end goal being that more members join Group B. Remember that both groups are owned by me, so I wouldn’t be “stealing” the ad… at least I don’t think that I would.

Do any of you guys know if what I just said would be allowed? I’m trying not to get in trouble, so any help would be appreciated! :sweat_smile:

Also please know that I’m not “giving up” on making original ads, I just need another ad in place while I find one. Just keep that in mind :smiley:

Thanks again!

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Why wouldn’t you be allowed to do this? It are your own assets you’re using, Roblox moderation will not care about a trivial matter like this, neither will the community.

You can’t steal your own assets.


It should be fine. People do that all the time, it shouldn’t get moderated.

Yep you are, you also won’t get in jail for bringing an PC to another room in your house :slight_smile: