Revamp or delete Collaboration

There is a problem with the #collaboration category, and it’s getting worst.

Not calling out anyone just saying how nasty collaboration is getting


People are starting drama, calling others out, completing about a price, etc.


Oh, I don’t recommend working with this person.
Oh, the price is too low.
It’s really getting annoying that we have to see these drama threads.

Example Problem

When @0Shank showed a link in this thread it was really disgusting.

In another thread when OP had the Title as Voluntary people started complaining about it
And it even got on Twitter as a meme

Threatening to sue and file a police report, and taking legal action.
The callouts are getting worst, people call out others and starting drama, this is a developer forum, not Twitter.


  • Revamp
  • Delete
  • Keep it as it is

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There are Drama threads and callouts in #collaboration and most of the callout is false information.
And it can lead to serious consequences.
Calling someone out with false information is slandering.
It’s really nasty to see how it’s going to into.


In my opinion, I think it’ll be fine…
Saying that the price is too low, will show the Author to know that it’s too unfair for himself for his good quality and it’ll help him to change it to a better price.

But saying that they don’t recommend to hire him, it could means that the Author don’t have good service or something.

Anyone is allowed to comment anyways

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Definitely not delete it. If we delete it, how are people going to get robux? How will finding a development team be possible? I know there are discords out there, but this category is really important.


I agree. What’s the point of collaboration here honestly we have so many discord servers to do that. Collaboration brings legal issues, drama, and toxicity. it’s like keeping a dragon in your home which won’t listen to you.

Annoying when people actually make the OP quit from his project because they’re like ‘so you exepct people to work for you to free’ like 50 times spammed in the topic making them quit. Don’t get me wrong the prices are usually terrible but everyone spamming the same thing 50 times isn’t making a difference. (I used to be guilty of doing this but now I stopped)

Either collabration should be only have recruiting threads and be locked to replies and contacting the owner should be on an external site or it should just be gone

Easily bypassable. I can split my paragraph into several replies, or I can link to a text container like pastebin and I can put all the image links and paragraphs there. We should at the very least completely disable replies there.

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It needs a large revamp.

Nearly every guy trying to hire people either has no experience, or they just don’t care about developers.

Literality 5 different clients either scammed me or just wasted my time, there are great clients out there that’ll support and befriend you instead of just asking you for help however.

Which is amazing, but the majority of clients on Collaboration are either awful or inexperienced. And it’s taken a toll on my mental health, i get depressed more often and have less motivation to work on stuff now than when I started.

It’s not just me though, there’s probably dozens of developers like me that go through the same garbage and that’s wrong on so many levels.


That’s the exact reason we have #collaboration . I have been scammed so many times on discord, I only do recruitment on here. The sad truth is while trolls do exists here, there are way more on unofficial platforms, and moderation takes care of it quicker then discord could. On top of that, roblox will not help you if the work was done on an unofficial platform.

I agree, but the way to do it is not getting rid of it. We need to change the mindset that devs only do work through discord. If DevRel could make a system so people would be more inclined to just message through the forum, that would be better.

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I didn’t say anything about deleting it, because it really should stay.

The problem though is that Recruitment gets flooded with Members that wanna jump on the “leading game development bandwagon” instead of doing stuff like reading the Forum Rules or joining a development team or just simply commissioning.

There’s also the fact that most of them aren’t that old and don’t have the maturity like more serious developers do.

If they managed to build up experience and spent some time to know the way things work here then we’d see less scamming or immaturity honestly.

I do have an idea about a new automatic system for Members that grants certain posting permissions depending on the badges they have. But I’ll post that idea later on.

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Wasn’t there a revamp planned already and announced at RDC?


So will collaboration get replaced (deleted) with this new thing? I thought this was just a side thing which would exist with collabration.

Most likely, though i’m kinda worried it’ll just end up being Recruitment V2 with most of the clients there being scammy or scummy.

I agree with this one because that thread that someone said they will “sue” “file a police report” “send that person to court” was really nasty to say. I can’t believe how someone can threaten another person over some pitty Roblox drama.

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Whoa, be careful who you have as a client.

If your doing any GFX, Art, etc commissions let the client pay first, that’s how the real world works.

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Honestly, yeah. There’s been just too much drama in a sane world shouldn’t even be possible.

That’s quite a stereotypical statement.

Revamping Collaboration wont really stop scam, rather and hopefully reduce the drama and annoying accusations.

Yeah, these aren’t really constructive, but in terms of IP theft they aren’t exactly wrong either.

I find that “drama and annoying accusations” are a good thing if they are on point and backed. If someone is selling a service and advertising it with stolen content, then it’s of my opinion that them being called out only saves time for people who might have otherwise considered the fraudulent job.

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Its mostly professionalism.
However, I do think they need to update the rules.

I agree, but you don’t need to flood the whole topic over something like that. Get it done and sorted in a post or two.

Additionally, the drama is not only cringey to watch but also irritating.
People can’t even bring the arguments respectively or in a normal manner.

I definitely agree with this after reading this thread.


Never thought I’d say this but I agree, it just disgusts me how rude people can be on the internet.

I notice there are a lot of noobs who have a few days of experience of something making posts about how they’ll build or make models for 75 robux. It’s useless and annoying.