Revamp or delete Collaboration

If collaboration is deleted they have to use discord servers to get people.

If it was revamped it will be fine.

If the clients are lying to you why not block them on discord.

And make it mandatory to show your portfolio or what you have open sourced.

Why would we delete our only way of hiring/ being hired? Yes, there are other websites where you can hire people. but the Collaboration area let’s us do it here, quick and easy. Revamping would be good, but I think it’s good how it is.

Exactly! If someone easily scams, people who did the business on the devforum will easily get justice. We will have the scammer’s roblox, and screenshots with evidence. Then we’ll have a place to send it to when needed. The recruit category is kind of flawed, but that’s okay. As a community we can make it better.

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But if you got scammed you can contact DET (DevEngagementTeam) with proof.

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Exactly what I meant. I didn’t have the exact name for it… Thanks for telling me!

Moderators are not like sonic speed fast when it comes to flagging, first they have to review what is going on, and if they agree with you they will take down the post or reply.

Hmmm, spam posts that I flagged from a few weeks ago also are not removed

Edit: They might be removed. I just did not have the time to check

Delete is over kill.

Revamp is fine because there is a big mess on #collaboration