REVAMPED | Free Nametag To Prevent Display Name Impersonation

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

I’m not sure…I feel that the nametag itself is getting crowded solely due to the number of features inside this stand-alone script, and adding more of them will make it more painful to read. I am also getting quite busy with other projects, and since people seem happy with it, I haven’t felt the need to focus much attention on it.

In the future, I might possibly create a more plausible system that can allow for more features, including @tvmmyh’s VIP idea. However, this idea has not been set in stone yet due to my schedule.

I’m not sure which text you’re referring to, but if you feel that the size is too small/big, feel free to tinker with it; It won’t affect the script unless the change is quite different.


What apart of
local DeveloperUserID = {“InsertFirstUserIDHere” , “InsertSecondUserIDHere” , “SoOnAndSoForth”}
what is so on andoforth? what do we do with it.

Pretty self explanatory no offense, In other words It’s 1, 2, 3

Example would be

local DeveloperUserID = {“MyId” , “SomeonesId” , “SomeonesId”}

yeah, okay thanks!

No problem, glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

well I kind of did it before, I just asking a question lol.

If someone was both a developer of the game and a star creator, would the badges sit next to each other or would they overlap?

From what I’ve tested it would choose either badge… It won’t overlap though.

Yes, it will pick either. However, the idea that someone could be a star creator and a developer didn’t cross my mind, so the non-overlap feature wasn’t intentional. Good catch @cravism!

Currently working on a system that can give them multiple badges. Currently testing it now. A new reply will be made when it’s finished/published.

This WILL require you to reinsert the model if you want this upgraded badge feature, but it is not out yet at the time of posting this


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How do you get the other logo’s to work? I only got the dev one to work.

I haven’t got the time to make this feature public. My apologies!

I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible!

Okay, thanks for the information!

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While I was using this, I noticed it didn’t show the health bar of the person who your attacking, which isn’t good for pvp games.

My suggestion is health bars,
But it will only show up if the player is damaged

Update 5

  • The multi-badge feature is now public in the test game and in the newer model, ready for you to use. You’ll just have to reinsert the model…setting up all the badges is still the exact same process. I will update the developer forum post tomorrow with a little more details.

  • Reverted the change to where the organizers of the star creator program wouldn’t get the badge…because I feel that even they aren’t making videos…they’re still apart of the program.

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is there a way u can set each player with a number value that’s connected to your game so you can ban the number instead of the whole entire username?

Ex: hypnticrunner12 in-game idea is 143 so if he hacks the admin can just ban the number 143

This is absolutely amazing! This should help a lot with impersonation, but Roblox should be adding this as standard.

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When will be a feature to show Player Health/Health Bars?

Can i see the Variable Badges in Action if you don’t mind…?