Reverse Swastika

Is having a reverse Swastika symbol in a game allowed?
Its completely different from a swastika and actually a holly symbol before the Nazis made it into a hate symbol.


Also I understand it may confuse the players into thinking we are nazis so im still not gonna add it to my game.

I think this is the wrong category and no this will get you banned or terminated. Stay away from swastikas and swastika look-a-likes.

So even tho it has a completely different meaning it is an instant ban? Not are fault that they changed it. Also I wasn’t sure wat category to use so this fit the best.

There are tons of other symbols to use. Why do you want to use a symbol that is more known for hate than holiness.

Roblox will moderate your account if you attempt to upload something that closely resembles a swastika.

Probably game design support.

Maybe have the thing with the swastika be a killable enemy?
Probably better to avoid it entirely though. Just use a plus symbol instead (+)

It will get banned despite it being a Buddhist symbol. Any Nazi Germany references are being removed off the site as part of the “cleansing” of content off Roblox and many people think that they’re smart with using the reversed swastika to replace the actual thing. Just like Fable said, use a plus instead.

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Swastikas, in any form and any direction, wouldn’t be allowed at all. I wouldn’t personally risk it anyway either (Roblox used to crack down hard on anything remotely Nazi, however nowadays they aren’t even taking down a literal Nazi outfit I’m reporting almost daily, so maybe they’re ok with nazis now?)

I would recommend staying away from having a swastika in your game even if its a holy symbol because not very many people actually understand that a reverse swastika is not a hate symbol and will report your game, if that happened then its gonna be hard to appeal that ban.

most people will mistake it for the wrong one. I don’t even remember what direction it point in…


I’d say avoid it at all costs, and replace any symbols in your game for ones that aren’t offensive.

If your game relies on this symbol then it’s probably best to rethink it.

You making a Revengers game? Yeah, I would highly recommend you don’t use any of those.

The Roblox content filter is really inconsistent with what’s allowed and what’s not. What you are trying to do is really on the edge of getting terminated, and I wouldn’t risk my account for that. You can try creating a unique symbol that is not innapropriate and does not look suggestive.

There are still reports of them getting moderated with bans going out too. So they are not okay with it.

If you’re uncertain, that probably means you shouldn’t do it. You’re better off just avoiding the symbol entirely regardless of whether you’re permitted to do so or not, and replacing it with some kind of fictional representation instead.


in my opinion roblox should allow a circle with a swastika in it but a line cutting through it
it fits some communist/east german game ideas

I have created a Hindu swastika (anti-clockwise swastika with four dots between the wings) T-shirt years ago and remember it being taken down and getting warned for it. From this experience I would determine that the reverse swastika is not allowed.