Reverse the feed update (short-term) and remove the feed feature (long-term)

So apparently the feed (previously on the Roblox home page) got an update, and has now been moved to a separate page, along with the blog posts feed being entirely removed.

This new feed update makes no sense as it literally does nothing good for anyone.

  • People who don’t care about their feed didn’t see it as to see it you had to scroll down anyway – there’s literally no change for them.
  • People who do care about the feed now have to go to another page, and are not notified when there are changes to their feed, so they constantly need to check this extra page otherwise they’ll miss out on stuff.
  • People who care about the blog posts (like me) now have to go to the big blog subdomain and search through the massive, fancy UI looking for new stuff.
  • Wastes engineers’ time working on a feature that does no good for anyone.

The only possible benefit I can think of for this update is simply lowering the amount of stuff on the page that needs to be loaded - but for most people this isn’t an issue anyway.

And there’s also another problem, too:
We already have a feature that can handle what the feed does: the new notifications feature.

Why was an update made to the feed feature when there is now a better feature available? There really aren’t any problems with switching entirely to the notifications feature. Group shouts should already be in the notifications feature, anyway, and status feed updates no one cares about but if they were to go somewhere, it would be the notifications feature. Blog posts would be a great new thing to put into the notifications system, too.

Not wanting the notifications feature to be spammed is a no valid reason as it’s achievable to have a settings feature that lets users choose whether they want to see status updates, or when a group is making an announcement. Additionally, if you want to reduce spam, maybe consider fixing up the messy implementation of the friend request notifications as they are really inconsistent right now:

A far better solution to the feed problem IMO is to just remove it entirely and improve the new notifications feature. Until the improvements to the feed feature are released, I would consider it a good idea to revert the recent changes to the feed so that we can continue easily knowing what is going on with our groups, friends and the blog.


I really do need the feed back, i have a group of 120k and I make weekly questions to ask them for fun but sometimes for research, and they won’t know there is a new question of the week unless they check the group manually. (there’s a new weekly question ever 2-10 days whenever i feel like it, its not on a regular schedule.)

I don’t think the notification bar is big enough to hold max length status updates or group shouts though. image
It already gets cut off when it shows you updates for games you are following. The boxes for updates should be bigger, and you should be able to expand the notification menu.


This has also negatively affected my small but decently active group. I had my most dedicated members (and fans) actively participating whenever I made a shout and now they don’t even notice it. This is killing my tiny community.


This is still a problem and my group is now completely dead. I would really appreciate it if we could get our group shouts and other parts of the feed moved somewhere noticeable again.


I really would love to see the feed page killed off in favor of moving group shouts and friend status updates to the notification stream.