Reverse_Polarity | Builder, Blender Artist, Game Designer (Closed)


Hello! I’m Reverse_Polarity (Previously Jacobxxduel). I’m one of the oldest users on Roblox (my ID is 1315!) and have been developing ever since 2006. I am passionate about game design and I love to create art! I’m best known as the creator of Yoricks Resting Place.

My Journey

My development career started all the way back in 2006 when all there was to work on was small showcase-like places. My passion for building eventually ballooned into me winning several of the early building contests. This led to me being commissioned to create event places for Roblox for two years running in 2008 and 2009.

From there I worked as a volunteer forum moderator as well as working on a handful of projects that have since been lost to time. I took a hiatus from Roblox to pursue my career in the games industry, where I had a successful career for 5 years doing team management for an AAA developer. Once DevEx became available I returned to the platform to continue my development.

Since my return I have created my own game, Town & Country, developing its own unique art style you’ll find nowhere else on Roblox! I have also worked with RedManta, creating 127 unique meshes in just over three months along with working on their world by creating buildings and environments for Pirates Life.

Key Abilities

  • 5 Years Management Experience in the Games Industry
  • Blender Expert
  • Level Design
  • Game Design
  • Smooth Terrain Experience
  • Animation & Rigging


3D Blends/Roblox Builds
Images sorted as close to chronologically as I can remember. All assets visible here have been built by me unless otherwise noted.






Terrain created by @ColdSmoke, Clouds created by @Corecii

Waterfalls created with woot3’s Waterfall Generator plugin


My capacity fluctuates depending on how many projects I am working on. My usual work week consists of 60 hours working on Roblox projects a week. I am able to push those hours up to 80 a week for the right price.

As far as when I work, I currently live on the west coast of the US (PST/PDT) and I try to work starting at 9AM.

If you contact me for my work, please be sure to address how much time you expect to need me weekly and for how long (when is the end goal for your project?)


I accept Robux and USD payments. Being paid directly in USD via PayPal is preferred. I expect an upfront fee which can be negotiated depending on the total you expect to pay me and how long you expect the project to take.

Percentage I am willing to (rarely) take a percentage if you are willing to convince me that it would be worth it. However, I will demand creative control over the art design model to model for any project which would give me a cut of the percentage.


  • Here via DM
  • Discord: Jacob#2976
  • Twitter

I look forward to working with you!


If you’re looking for a developer who can take an idea, model it entirely, and even apply it directly to world building (all while following the narrative, mind you!), all in like a few hours of work - this is your guy!

After working with him for a few months, I’ve rarely seen another dev bring life to an idea so quickly and so accurately to what the original concept required.

Get him in your studio before someone else does!


Hello Reverse_Polarity,

Introducing Myself
I’m GamerWei, a Founder and Mesh Developer for AviaRay. Ever since I’ve started playing Roblox, I have loved jobs/ positions that requires a leadership skill. So here I am now, being a Founder of a successful technology-supplier company.

What is AviaRay?
AviaRay is an Aviation technology-supplier company that supplies high-end products ranging from technologies to aircraft. Since the start of our operations, we have gained over 15,000 robux in revenue just from products that are worth below 500 robux. Right now, our revenue have boosted up by around 80-100% since the start as we’re expanding ourselves to the public.

Our Team

  • GamerWei - Founder, Animator and Mesh Developer
  • Sicken_L - Founder, Programmer and UI Designer
  • great_wolves - Builder
  • Hop_Jr - Builder
  • Smartwise1235 - Builder
  • Spectralspin - Mesh Developer and Animator

What You’ll Have to Do?
As a Developer in AviaRay, we have 2 options. 1 of it is being a mesh developer, which builts and import them to Roblox. Secondly, we have a CSG builder, which is in-charge of building products from Roblox Studio.

By being a Developer/ Staff Member of AviaRay, there’ll be a few conditions that’ll apply to our Staffs. Whenever you’re interested in developing/ making a product, you’ll have to either follow our product list and choose whatever product you want to make or you can make your own product that is unlisted in the hub and you’ll have to provide reason(s) on why you’re making it. However, it must be related to the aviation community.

When you have chosen to develop a product, you’ll have to keep us(the HRs) updated by sending us your status. Moreover, you’ll have to post pictures of your current development status in a specific channel(Discord).

As part of being a Developer in AviaRay, we’ll not forget your revenue shares as you’re working for us as a solo developer. When it comes to the payment as a Developer, you’ll be gainning 80% of the revenue from your product if they was sold and every month, the HR team will be sending a document to you on your salary and calculations will be included as well. If you ever wonder where the 20% of the revenue will be going, the Founder will be using it for advertising, paying the other members that works as a HR and investment.

Coming late 2019, the Founder, Sicken_L will be releasing an online hub where people can purchase products from the website where revenue in cash will be coming to it. More information will be given out to our staff members when the dates are nearer.

Contact Information
If you’re interested in working for AviaRay as a Developer, reply to my post or send me a DM via Discord at GamerWei#3954 and I will have you on AviaRay as an official Developer after questioning you about a few things.



Hey GamerWei!

I’ll add you so we can talk more about the details. Thanks for your interest!

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Hello Reverse_Polarity,

Thanks for replying to my post. I have sent you a friend request on Discord. My Discord username is GamerWei#3954.



I don’t know what to say… I am impressed again! Especially these skeletons. :astonished:
Keep up with awesome work!!! :+1:


I added you on discord


Interested in talking to you about some skeletons I need made. Added you.

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