Reversing audio

Is there any way, either in a script or in the actual properties tab of the audio, to make it play in reverse? I have searched far and wide but have found nothing.

Any help on this matter or an alternative solution would be greatly appreciated.


Im not exactly sure if you can inside roblox itself but, you could try upload the audio to some audio editing software and reversing it then reuploading it to roblox.

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That’s the thing, I have the audio from the roblox website so I don’t actually have the file.

Im pretty sure, you can download them from the website (or maybe you need an extension to download thing from the website. If you need an extension then i have its BTR Roblox or Roblox Plus, only download them if you trust them)

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Not possible.

You can if you edit the audio in an editing software and then re-upload it to Roblox

Sorry, i forgot about that bit.

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According to Spotco on 2016-10-12:

no great use case other than moderation bypassing tbh

Not true. you can use it in Myth games or something like that. A secret/easter egg. Either of them works.


Or you can upload your own reversed audio. Spotco said what he said when uploading audio used to cost money. Now it doesn’t.

That is a risk for your account. Moderation would false flag it.

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Wait do they moderate you for uploading reversed audios?

I would assume so since (my guess) its impossible for the AI moderator to unreverse the audio.

I saw a thing somewhere on one of the Robloxs official website them stating that their moderators are real humans…

Could maybe try contacting Roblox yourself and asking them to look at it

might have been a lie since its impossible to moderate 214 million monthly users with human moderators

I thought they have like 400 moderators, but still still hard to do that.

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