Revert the inventory page's grid back to 6x4

Yesterday a new update rolled out for certain webpages including the inventory pages. For the intentory page it looks like only one thing changed, but that one change is certainly insanely annoying for me and probably also a good number of other people; The grid in which the items are displayed changed from a 6x4 grid to a 6x5 grid. Even though it’s only a small adjustment, the change has a big impact. My monitor’s resolution is 1920x1080, which is common for monitors. With that resolution the old 6x4 grid including the arrows at the bottom used to fit in my screen. Now I can’t see the whole grid at once anymore.

Current situation ![](upload://oEoyJqKUcqQbpejpPtPd1Bgw2K8.jpeg)

Notice how the top is cut off

Now if I want to look through my own or someone else’s inventory to find a certain item, I have to scroll up and down on every page. Looking for something in an inventory has always been tedious by nature, but now it’s become more clunky.

There are only two benefits I see in the new update. The number of clicks needed to look through 120 items is reduced from 5 to 4 and people with a big screen resolution now have less white space. However, the number of times you have to scroll up and down has increased from 0 times per 120 items to 4 times per 120 items for people whose monitor’s have a height of ~1000 pixels. Additionally I don’t think there are enough people with a really big resolution to justify the change.

Ultimately I wish the size of the grid would depend on the screen resolution, but changing the grid back from 6x5 to 6x4 should be more doable for now. Was there a specific reason for this change which I’m missing? If so, I’d love to know.

Edit: Changed a few words to make my post sound less rude (sorry about that :sweat_smile:)


I’ve also had this problem, ROBLOX needs to get someone who knows about responsive web design.

EDIT: I’ve taken a screenshot:Theres so much empty space horizontally, why could they not just add an extra row there for 7x4 or 8x4


Inventory would be nice if it was like liquid games… Better then clicking like 10 times to get to the last page.


Im totally for this change, its really annoying when im trying to looking through someone’s decals or models, or even my own.


COUGH @Vorlias

I’m pretty sure that’s where the ads would be if you weren’t using an adblocker.

Also, there’s undoubtedly some people still out there with old 4:3 or 5:4 CRT monitors, and considering ROBLOX’s desire to provide cross-platform experiences I have no doubt that they want to support people who still use Window 98.

Support. I feel there was no reason to enlarge it…


If someone with a 1920x1080 screen can’t see the entire page on their screen then there’s a major design misstep. I’m on a screen with 1366x768 and this just made it far more annoying.

hm, that is a annoying and i’m on a 1920x1080 display as well. Also didn’t see any ads on the inventory page with adblock disabled.

This pretty much fixes the rows. max-width can be adjusted if you really want it wider. the navigation buttons still sit just at of view, but that may vary depending on how big your browser viewport is.

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document regexp("https?://www\\.roblox\\.com/users/\\d+/inventory.*") {
  .content {
    max-width: 1338px !important;
  .item-card {
    width: unset !important;


@Zomebody To solve your current issue, go into fullscreen and you can see the top row & the page change.

I am ok with this but it seems like if someone has a 720 or 900p monitor it’s gonna be a problem because it doesn’t change the grid.

BUT they removed the page change input box in the middle of the two arrows. Whoever wrote the CSS for it got it reverted in a site update. PLEASE FIX. Clicking page change 58 times to get to the end, or skipping to page 20 is a huge hassle.


So that’s what happened. I legitimately thought I lost a bunch of hats when it went from 11 pages to 9.