Revert the new website font


Even a subtle change in font weight makes a difference, it’s less in your face.

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I also think it’s a bit too much with the new font, everything seems to be ‘bold’ like it’s screaming at you :grimacing:


Although I agree with this in theory, is it not necessary to address problems that can be unnecessarily annoying?

For example, his discussion of how the font affects Games is what is the serious problem here and needs to be discussed to be addressed- whether that means it is left or changed we don’t know. It is essential for us to have this conversation for the purpose of simply having a conversation.


Support. I find the new font to be too stylized, bold, and squashed. It’s fine for titles, but doesn’t look attractive at all for actual text on groups and such.

In the very least, there should be an option to switch between the two.


I don’t have much of an issue with the font itself. What I do have a problem with, however, is how it truncates text in some situations.
Of the 12 most recently updated items in the catalog, exactly 0 of them have their full names displayed. As far as I’m concerned, this is completely unacceptable. How am I supposed to sell items on the catalog when it’s so hard for users to see what my item is named?


I think I’m more curious what prompted the abrupt change in font rather than a notified change. Silent updates are fairly annoying because they don’t grant time to adjust or adapt, they’re just forced on the site.

Have the fonts even been tested on the site before being utilised? There’s obviously some subtle problems that don’t include “ree new update bad!!” - that’s including the truncation of certain texts because the font is fairly wide. It negates the purpose of using a lot of things.

I’ve got some stuff to offer up. Keep in mind I’m using two Roblox Chrome extensions, so they might not be representative of current site features.

Game notifications being truncated on PC makes you limit your text even more than just a mere 60 characters, meaning you have to be VERY concise with how you use notifications:

Game statistics have become smaller and fairly blurry:

Feels inconsistent (may just be me, but Home feels less bolded than the other tabs):

More inconsistency, where pages still use the old font:

Spacing issues:

My settings tab gets stretched because of my username changes:

My block list has now turned into a giant list rather than a two-column list (more just formatting than something directly related to the font update):

I don’t want to raise my pitchfork over the font change. Most of my time on Roblox is spent in-game, on Roblox Studio or the DevForum. A font change on the website might make me go “ok what is this” but it doesn’t bother me enough, nor do I care enough, for a simple font change to affect me. It’s like, whatever, it’s just a font. It’s simply the subtle issues that irk me (text truncation especially).


I don’t mind the font, but the size seems unreasonably large compared to not only what it was, but to what it should be.

It looks disproportionate to other website elements and the theme itself, like it is a 3rd party theme. It doesn’t look like something official.

Aside the fact that this update is overwhelmingly not popular visually, it seems to interfere with the functionality of game titles, game updates, and potentially other aspects of the website. A lot of where text space was already limited, is now even more limited. This should’ve been taken into account before the update was even rolled out.


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I have a lot of trouble reading body text (and title text, but there’s more body text). It feels like the entire website is written in fullwidth with how wide the typeface is.

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According to the other replies on this thread, there have been constructive (and objective) critiques that have pointed out flaws with this update, which are issues aside just pure aesthetics.

There’s also a “Website change is good!!!” bandwagon, which doesn’t acknowledge what may potentially be wrong with an update. This update isn’t perfect, and that is precisely what platform feedback is for.


I agree with either reverting this or including a switch. The majority of text feels as pointlessly emphasized as this paragraph, excepting a handful of parts of the site that simply feel out of place to me because they do not; for example, the username indicator in the top right of all pages, and group names, which were inexplicably left out.

Between place names being cut off and the dark theme feeling monotonous, it feels like this change needs a lot more work; I’d be up for it, but for now I’d love it if it were optional.


The scaling for text all over the website is not proportionate, with a great example of this provided below—it just doesn’t look right.

The website looks less unprofessional overall and I personally favor the previous website theme how it was before this update.


After some time I have gotten used to it, life goes on. I had the same reaction when roblox changed the website theme in 2015 and when the group layout was changed, but I got used to it.


Roblox looks like an absolute joke with this font. This needs to get fixed asap.


This was annouced, even if it wasn’t in the most public way possible. Refer to my earlier reply.


Oh! Thanks for raising that to my attention. I’ve actually never checked out the brand guidelines before. That means that the font change was already planned long back, huh?


Nov 18 was these guidelines. Although there was a studio one but that got recently removed.

Based on the title at least, this change is part of Roblox 2.0