Revert the new website font


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to read the new website font and squeeze game titles into tiles on the home and games page BECAUSE THE ENTIRE WEBSITE LOOKS LIKE IT’S SCREAMING AT ME NOW.

The new stretched and bold font is difficult to read, and quite frankly looks atrocious in just about every application it’s been added to the site on:

More objectively, it’s now practically impossible to reliably squeeze game titles onto game tiles. My game, “Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands” used to fit cleanly on the tiles without any truncation. Now the “Westover Islands” portion gets dropped, and if a friend is playing my game then “ULTIMATE:” is the only title text being displayed.

Feedback to this change has been resoundingly negative from pretty much every Roblox community medium I can visit, so I request this change be reverted.

Website fonts making text nearly impossible to read

Dark theme is a gift from the heavens but I sincerely do not dig the font changes.


Going to have to strongly disagree with this one. I love the new website. It feels clean, with only a couple overlooked issues that will likely get resolved soon.

Let’s not jump on the website change bad!!! bandwagon.

Edit: What I mean to say is, let’s calmly bring attention to the issues that are present, rather than reacting explosively to something that is mostly a positive change.


I agree with what berezaa has said. Usually, large changes aren’t received well because the community isn’t comfortable with it yet. Let’s wait for a few more weeks.


Only thing that really needs to change are the legacy pages and the bold/stretched font. Everything else looks good!


I feel like if a title, (as I said in another post already) can’t fit in the space…which is already large enough for some wiggle room if adjusted, the font’s too big.


I’m hesitant to agree with you, but I do think it needs to be toned down a notch. The new change is an assault on the eyes where it fluctuates rapidly between VERY LARGE TEXT and compressed small text. I understand the theme that Roblox was going for, but this is a bit of an eyesore and I’m not a big fan in its current state.

If less bold text was used throughout the site, I would have nothing against the change. It’s just a bit much.


Implying that the community should just “get over” what is a seemingly negative change, acts as nothing but a tool to overshadow constructive criticism. Sometimes changes are bad and people shouldn’t have to get used to them.


I think there are some things that can be improved

Lots of different font sizes and shades of grey

Overall not a fan but I might get used to it. I really liked the thinner fonts


Many people jump on the website change bad!!! bandwagon because these changes are almost never optional. If it was at least optional, i’d see it being adopted much more calmly over time, like R15.


AGREED! But I dont think reverting it would be a good idea, Instead I think there should be an option to change it back like the dark theme. Similar to how we can choose to use R15 or R6 in our games


The website should not have font options. That requires extra effort in keeping every font supported across every page.

Nobody should consciously want to change the website’s font often enough that it needs to be a setting. If that is the case, then clearly the font should be changed to something less distracting.


Yes, there are cons to the new font and Roblox should get to work addressing these problems with formatting and changing some fonts to better suit different parts of the website. All I’m saying is that some people are overreacting, because the change appeared out of nowhere!


I disagree, the new font is quite nice in my opinion, I just believe that some font stylings shouldn’t belong in certain locations: the games tiles should have smaller font, as well as not being bold, and should be bold on the proper games page itself. Right now, the bold font overtakes everything, there should be a little bit of contrast to make things that should be bolded stand out.


Personally I’m surprised that they took this long. The Roblox 2.0 branding guidelines have existed since Nov 18 and contained all of these changes. I expect that it’s due to dark theme wanting to be brought with the new font.

Branding wise, it’s disconcerting to see missing info from that document which was on the now removed Roblox Studio branding guidelines.


The font itself looks fine and actually suits the modern theme of the website however I think there is too much bold and it’s emphasising more than just the main page headings. If a non bold version of the font could be used for things like the name of the games below the game icon, etc it would look better.


I like the font but I feel like we’re being punished for having game names longer than 1 word.

I could get used to the large boldness in the other places where it doesn’t cause information to be lost / confusion to potential players of our games.


I like the idea of the website having the signature font Roblox usually uses in other media and videos or whatever but I think this is a bit too much.


Does anybody know the name of this font family that Roblox uses now?


Page 10 of the Roblox 2.0 Branding Guidelines