Revert to the old way of installing plugins

Recently Roblox has changed the way of installing studio plugins.

The old way used to be simple. It would open a pop up where you located the plugin you wanted, and then clicked install. No restarts required.

The new way is much more complicated.

Upon clicking the + button it takes you to the Roblox website in your web browser and makes you locate the plugin there. Then when you click install it redirects you back to Roblox Studio to install it. This wouldn’t be too bad if it were as simple as this. Unfortunately though, it is not. After clicking on “Install” you must then navigate to your Roblox Folder (AppData\Local\Roblox) and locate the folder named after your UserId. You then have to find the folder that matches the Asset Id of the plugin you just installed and move the .rbxm file into the folder called “Plugins”, in your Roblox Folder. To then actually use the plugin you must restart Roblox Studio.

This new method seems like a major set back to me. Installation of plugins used to be an easy, 1 minute job but it is now a long process that disrupts the pattern of development.

We should at least be given the option of which method we want to use.


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