[Reverted] New tuning for Character Physics in PGS enabled games

Hey guys. Short update that I wanted to share so that everyone can provide feedback.

PGS enabled games will now use improved character tuning that should help with minor vibrations and stair climbing issues that users were experiencing.

All in all you shouldn’t feel any difference in 99% of cases, but the 1% where there were problems should be better now. Please let me know if you discover new behavioral issues with character physics.


Disabling due to issues this created with Phantom Forces :frowning:


I was just about to post about it causing my small characters to suddenly become capable of drifting. :coffin:


Could you send me a small test level? I’ll need to fix this and re-ship.


Sent you a private message.

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Rip should have tested it on a few games first. Jumping on Phantom Forces got completely bunked lol.

Hey, can you go over the bug you were seeing again? Or PM me the details? I’m trying to collect some test cases when I try to fix this tuning attempt.

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A bug I’ve been noticing with characters, is WeldConstraints cause the character to faceplant for some reason.

I’ll investigate and send you a PM when I get the chance.

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