Review free models before they are published to the toolbox

Currently, the Toolbox is filled with malicious scripts. From making your game lag by spreading fire, to giving users special permissions to use a server-sided executor to bypass FE.
These days if a user uses a free model, they are guaranteed to get infected with some sort of backdoor or a virus. The problem is that new users that have been just starting out in Roblox Studio don’t know that.
I am suggesting that Roblox staff will make a review process just like a decal or audio would, looking through the scripts of the model to see if any backdoors slipped in.
This will be a tough process, sure, but it will decrease the rate significantly of developers quitting, and getting banned from users using serversides to put NSFW content in their games.
There are currently anti virus scanners, but if you ever learned computer engineering then you know that computers are dumb. They cannot detect every single virus that the user may have; it will just detect the most common ones, and some false positives.
How easy it is to get backdoored:

  • Go to the toolbox/library
  • Scroll down a bit
  • Insert a random model

And there you go, you are guaranteed to have a backdoored game after that.

Another way the staff can prevent this is by detecting bots. If a model was made about a day ago and is already on the front page, delete it.

I hope something can be done from the Roblox staff regarding protection from backdoors; they already did a lot, such as remove requires to private modules, and add more security features, but backdoors are still slipping into games.


Add a system where the staff can review the models like decals before being published to the toolbox.