Review my Blood system script

Hi ! I’ve recently tried to make an efficent blood system I don’t know if I did it the best way and I want to make my game as good as possible !
If any more experienced Roblox Scripter could review my script than I would be the happies man ! THANKS !

Only thing i considered changing is to use Module script and OOP instead of simple server script !
My Code:

local humanoid = script.Parent.Humanoid
function check(part)
	print("checkling ")
	local rayOrigin = script.Parent.Position
	local rayDirection = (part.Position - script.Parent.Position).Unit * 30

	local raycastResult = workspace:Raycast(rayOrigin, rayDirection)

	if raycastResult then
		if raycastResult.Instance.Anchored == true then
			local part ="Part", script.Parent)
			part.Anchored = true
			part.Size =,0,0)
			part.Shape = "Cylinder"
			part.BrickColor ="Maroon")
			part.Material = Enum.Material.Glass
			part.Reflectance = .2
			part.CanQuery = false
			part.CanTouch = false
			part.CanCollide = false
			part.Orientation = raycastResult.Instance.Orientation ---,90,0)
			part.Position = raycastResult.Position
			local Sscript = script["siye Changer"]:Clone()
			Sscript.Parent = part
			Sscript.Enabled = true
	for i, v in pairs(workspace:GetPartBoundsInRadius(,100)) do
		if v~= script.Parent then

The thing works by detecting the health change than getting all parts in a certain radius (adjustable) than calling a function called “check()”
and passing the part wich was detected than a quick raycast towards the parts position
if the ressult Instance is Anchored than a Cylined will spawn there !


It’s pretty good! However I have some things:

Change any function to local if you can. This isn’t too big, but it’s a bit better. change it to

local function check

Another thing I saw was you used the parent parameter of

You can read more about it here:

Also, some of the variable names you use are a bit confusing, such as Sscript.

Im not too sure about this But I read somewhere that generalized iteration was faster than pairs or ipairs

The way you could change it to generalized iteration is like this:

for i, v in workspace:GetPartBoundsInRadius(,100) do

One last thing I saw is that you clone the script and enabled it. If possible, I’d recommend doing whatever is in that script inside the script itself if it’s convenient.

Those are the only things I see that could be changed to be better, so good job!

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Hi ! Thank you for pointing out these I’ll try my best to fix them !

Although this is probably not the “best” blood system, it is still a good one. You are not copying the material, so it will not be performance efficient. It is because you copy the script instead of the material.
Let’s say you want 100 blood decals. If you copy the script, you will have 100 scripts which is quite expensive.
If you copy the material, it is only once.

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Put this in #help-and-feedback:code-review