Review my first CSG train

Sweet greetings everyone!
This is my first official CSG-Modelled train.
For reference, it’s supposed to be an MBTA (Masachussets Bay Transporation Authority) Orange Line Subway-type 1200s Hawker Siddeley train.
What am I looking for?
I would love to hear feedback from a normal player’s aswell as a train fan’s perspective.
I would love even more to see some advanced/experienced Roblox train Builders give me tips on how to improve and rate it too. All feedback is welcome!!
With my tendency of overperfecting, I have experienced many burnouts, since I got into really overwhelming coding and aesthetics. A mistake which I realized I had only towards the end of the build. Thank you for your time and availability! Here are the pictures.



I would change some small details and some textures, but considering this was your first CSG train it looks good, keep up the good work.


Question to @astrafocus . What do people mean when they have things like 4/10 or 8/10 at the top of their posts? Thanks!

It’s considered rating the work, or the example.


4 < The Score for Rating the Example.
10 < The Maximum Score for Rating the Example.

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Ah, makes sense, thanks!
I was thinking it was people having a goal of writing 10 posts or something xd

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