Review of my game

Hello, I recently released my game, and I want to order advertising from Youtuber for my game, BUT… I don’t know if it will come to the players. Is player retention good and will they play it? Can you play it for a bit and tell me if my promotional contribution is successful or not? I mean whether the players will play my game. I would like to receive a great answer) Thank you


Looks like a cool game. You monetized it pretty well with six gamepasses which is good to see. The core loop seems very engaging. Great Work!

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Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it. After all, I’m honestly very worried about whether it will go to people?

I think with your game you may be able to get it sorta successful because simulators are pretty easy to advertise and also market if you do it correctly. One thing I recommend would be adding rewards for inviting friends because this may help with getting people playing your game.

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It seems like the text is not scaled correctly for mobile devices. Many youtubers have audiences with alot of mobile players, so it is important for them to have a good experience when playing.

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i play the game. i like the sumo bosses to fight with she have all a other name and style.the fight was not
very entertainment,only thing to fight is clicking.what fight while make more cool is as you can challenge improved players and that you can unlock more fighting skills.and more key buttons can use to click,
and maybe add some audience that make sound as someone give a strike.further the start place have a nice dojo style good feeling about that maybe can improve the place with a Dormitory where people can chilling and sleeping,and add maybe more a training place where all players can train in a sumo ring.
some ideas to improve game to give a unique style on this way a think people while play it want people like to play together and more keybuttons to fight and to challenge improved players give more a realistic style.

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Hello @Dssall2,

This game is really fun, engaging, and sound-effect-pleasing. (lol)

From what I have seen, it’s a great start! I would recommend (coming from me and a few others) that a trading system (for pets, power, mass, wins, etc.) would be cool to see.

Another something that would be cool is more rebirth levels (currently only 8). Maybe upping the amount to 20 or 50 would give players more far-off, yet not impossible goals to reach. Gamepasses and dev products are implemented really well though. Great work!

(Power and mass dev products would be a cool feature to see as well)

EDIT: Some other things I would say are noteworthy is the egg UI. It doesn’t look quite as seamless as the rest of the UI. The coloring and theme are off a little bit too much for me.

Another thing with the UI:


Instead of doing a 2x2 grid, why not stack them up along the side for a cleaner 1x4 grid instead? It would free up space and make the screen feel larger. Similar thing with the other side.


Instead of using a large square in one spot, try and lay it out vertically along the edge of the screen to free up more space.

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