Review On My Code System!

Hi I have just made a Twitter like code system but using my roblox account(I haven’t added the codes to my profile section so don’t look there.)
It Is case Sensitive

Current Test Codes

Code - Amount Of Cash It Gives

  • YayItWorks - 100
  • TEST - 500
  • Hi - 1000
  • 1moreTEST

Link is here – !!Click Me!!

Edit: I will be editing this code system so when I say Updated please check that means this has been updated.

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It works for me! Also, if you want to make it case-unsensitive then you use code that says something like this:

if textbox.Text:lower() == “string” then

(Keyword - use :lower)

Hello there,

It’s well done and it’s working fine!

I just have a Position problem of how everything looks! Check the screen below and fix it!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

I did mean to make it case sensitive but if you wan’t I will change it to be not case sensitive.

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