Reviewing Clothing Before Publication


Hello! Today I will be demonstrating how to review your clothing on a model before submitting it to the Roblox website.

This tutorial assumes that you already have a decent understanding of how to use various aspects of Roblox Studio and Clothing Templates.

1 - Creating your Test Experience

First off you’ll need to either create a new experience or use a previously made one, I recommend dedicating this experience to testing your clothing and possibly holding outfit designs. Once you create the experience click on the File ribbon and publish the experience if it has not already been published.

2 - Creating your Model

Next you’ll need to insert a blank avatar. For this you will need to click on the Plugins ribbon and then on the Build Rig button. Once the gui opens click on the Mesh Rig button.

You now should have a model called “Dummy” in your workspace.

Now we need to add a Shirt, Pants, and T-Shirt Object into our model. Right click on the model and insert a Shirt, ShirtGraphic, and Pants object into the model.

Your Model should look like this in the Object Explorer:

3 - Importing your Clothing

To begin importing your clothing templates open the Asset Manager and click the Bulk Import button. Right clicking the Images folder and clicking Add Images button also works.

Now just import your Clothing File from the file explorer that pops up.

*Please take note though that the images you import are uploaded to Roblox as decals and are subject to Roblox moderation.*

4 - Dressing your Model

Finally we get to see our clothing put on a Model. Start by opening the properties of one of the clothing objects in your model. Click where it says ShirtTemplate, PantsTemplate or Graphic. A scrolling frame should come up with all the imported images in your place. Next click on the Clothing Template you want to test.

Then you’re done! Take a look around the model to see where you want to make some changes to your clothing or just admire your handiwork!


I wrote this article to educate others on how to test their clothing before publication. As a user who used to upload multiple shirts to test a design; It was a rude awakening when I had to pay 10 Robux to test an idea.

Feedback is much appreciated, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment or message me.

Thanks for your time, and have a great day


This is a lifesaver, to make it even a bigger lifesaver, USE THE LOCAL ASSET IMPORTER (it’s a plugin)
Seriously tho, Everytime I upload clothing to Roblox, it would usually look bad, now I don’t have to worry about it


Thank you for this, I completely forgot about the Local Asset Importer at the time I made this post.