Reviewing game | rating

Can anybody review my game that I made?

Give me information on:

Time played


Not so much


  • Animations are too slow
  • The shops look weird
  • Suggest changing the thumbnails
  • Overall good game



It was hard fighting, because OP enemies at the beginning that tracked you down, two punchers at one place. Reward seems a bit too low.

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Ok ill try to improve the game

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But it might be just you as I had random people rate the game (I asked there friends to ask them) and my friends also said its pretty good the avg rate was around 7/10 - 9/10

To be honest, the game was enjoyable, except those things I have noted.

Okay thanks, also i just interview my bff and he said this:
Addiction yes (would come back), avg play time: around 1 hour, Quality: 6/10, Satisfaction: around 8/10, Improvments: better chests in rebirth world | total rating: 9.6/10

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