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(This could be a possible replacement for the comments section, or comments section could be replaced with “Discussion” and the Reviews section could be added as well)

We can only post a review of an item once we purchase it, and we can only post a review of a place when we play it. Along with posting a bit of text about how we felt about it, we could also give it a rating (thumbs up/down and if we favourited it). This would help cut down on bots and spam a lot and it would provide useful feedback for the creator of the asset and other players who are interested in it.

First glance

Creating a review

What we see today (on a seperate tab)


Reviews will probably get spammed just as bad, we need systems to stop spam in the first place.


I really like this idea, my one concern is that people can award stuff ingame based on how they rated their game using http service (though I’m not very knowledgeable about this so I might be wrong). What would also be cool is if people could review a review and say whether they found the review helpful or not. (this may help with what ghostleader stated)

EDIT: It would also be cool if the game/group owner could directly respond to concerns that people express in their reviews.


It could be made that you can only post a review if you’ve been in game for 5 minutes in which would be harder for bots to set up and convince noobs to do. Also, if you are reviewing a model you have to place it in studio in which would be harder for bots to do and also you have to purchase an item to review it, discouraging bots etc.

But I see what you mean, players can advertise using the system by just writing a long advertisement for their place.

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I’m not going to stick around for five minutes on a copied bait and switch game I got fooled into joining though

I think comments/reviews should be limited and the limits get less and less the more active/positive you are in the community

I like this reviews idea along with having a separate discussion tab

Edit: [quote=“101PILOT, post:3, topic:20901”]
EDIT: It would also be cool if the game/group owner could directly respond to concerns that people express in their reviews.
YES, nexus mod site comes to mind


We still have the Thumbs up / Thumbs down system for that, so that we can basically kick it off the games page.

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I was only giving a rough number, but other players usually stick around in a game long enough to qualify do this.


Reviews could/should be anonymous to prevent creators giving rewards for good reviews and to protect people from flaming.

And possibly something along the lines of voting if a review is helpful or not could be interesting, although having a sort like that may be vulnerable for abuse.


Or make it against the rules and ban the devs that do that.

I like the idea of being able to write an anonymous review if you wanted though


Yeah because unlike the comments pages, the review might stick at the top for quite a while, and you don’t want kids getting loads of hate mail for some review they left on a game from people that disagree with the review (if the creator tells them to do so).


There should be a “post anonymous” check box for that.

Also, we should be able to re-edit our review.

Being able to mark something as helpful would be amazing, and also a way to mark something as spam. (Once the review has hit 20 spam marks, it’s hidden from sight. You can click open a spam review anyways to see the contents. After 50 spam marks, the review is hidden for eternity, aka 1/0.)


One thing I think we would need is Anonymous reviews, so we can post reviews, and no one will be able to find out who posted it, so say a scam game is stealing accounts, and people who try to stop it post a review warning people, the scammer could basically attack that person as an example, Steam does not have anonymous reviews, but its also a more adult audience, so it isn’t a problem.

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The google play store has anonymous reviews, also it has a way for the developer to reply to a review.

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Something like what steam has would make me happy with ratings on the actual reviews which encourage more quality reviews.


100% support. It’ll do a lot to stop spammers (not fix it, but still improved). Also it’ll help us game devs actually know what went wrong in the user experience instead of getting 59 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down and not knowing why…

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Exactly, we could finally understand why the hell we got some random thumbs down…

I think that is a bad mindset that the two of you have, that’s like acting your game is superior and no one could ever have a valid reason to dislike it…

People should still be able to leave a like/dislike always without having to write an essay first.

I did not mean to come off like that, I realize people should have the right to leave any rating they want, for whatever reason.

I’m thinking about this kind of system for developmental reasons, especially when your game is in its early stages and you want the users input.

Lets say I release my game, and all I get is people thumbing it down, I have no way of finding out why they did it, or whats going wrong. (Unless they left a comment, but that’s mostly spam anyways…)
If the users had a way to properly review a game and possibly state why they disliked/liked it, I would have much more to work off of and learn from to further improve upon the game.

I take it personally when people down vote my game. I don’t get mad, but I get motivation to improve upon the game and turn possible future downvotes, to upvotes. This would be SO much easier, if we could get proper feedback in the form of reviews from players.

What if you spent tickets to leave a review? All users get them free on a daily basis and it would prevent spam bots from making 234234 posts a day. Only users that actually care will pay the tickets to leave their opinion.

Then every smart money saving kid (FAR more common than you’d assume) would never review games.